Dukan Diet: Week 7

Last week, I think my Valentine’s Day weekend splurges caught up to me, because I’m up half a pound on average from the previous week (although I do like taking the weekly average as I think it gives me a better overall view of how my week was).

In short: some things were good in the week, like my working out more, and some were bad, like straying from my healthy eating plan on multiple occasions. I know that working out tends to make me weigh heavier on the scale the next day, but I also know that I could’ve eaten better and that I gave in to temptation more often than I should. I was feeling a little glum yesterday, until Bill pointed out to me that I’ve lost five percent of my body weight in just seven weeks.

I know that I need to re-commit to the Dukan eating plan if I want to continue to see results, but I also know that it isn’t as easy to stay on plan as it was at the beginning and that I’m going to have to refocus if I want to continue to see results. Today I started tracking my food again, not because I’m supposed to be limiting myself but to make sure that I’m eating the right kinds of foods and that I’m aware of what I’m having during the day.

In spite of being up a little bit this week, I’m still happy overall with how I’ve been doing. I’m not going to give up just because of one tough week. The idea is to lose weight and eat better for life, and I knew when I started this that it was going to be a long journey, with plenty of bumps in the road. I’m still confident that I can meet my goals.

With just under eight pounds left to lose to get to my goal weight, I’m about halfway there.

Then Was Worse Than Now

On Black Friday of 2007, I awoke to a text message from a coworker that contained a photo of our office building. It wasn’t much of a picture (cell phone cameras weren’t great then), but I could make out smoke damage and broken glass. In the early hours of that morning, a man driving a truck lost control, swerved off the road, and crashed through our building. This crash caused a fire, which in turn triggered the sprinkler system. Firefighters responded to alarms and broke down the doors to get at the fire.

The next day, I was allowed briefly into the remains of the building to collect what I could salvage. There wasn’t much that hasn’t suffered heavy smoke and water damage, but I saved a few things.

When you work in a call center, life has to go on. For my coworkers and me, that meant a week of riding charter buses over three hours each way from our office in Victorville to another center in Oxnard, followed by a week of living in hotels in Oxnard Monday through Friday. By week three, a makeshift call center comprised of portable buildings had been constructed in our Victorville parking lot, and we worked there until May of 2008 when our main office was finally repaired.

I share this story because today, building destruction of sorts occurred at the office in Everett where I work. A water main broke early this morning and flooded the basement, taking out phone and Internet service. Water to the building was shut off to prevent more damage, but no running water equates to no bathrooms. By 11am, we were sent home. Any who wanted to be paid for the rest of the day had to use vacation time.

Phone and Internet service has been restored, so work resumes tomorrow. We will be provided with bottled water and portable bathrooms until the water is back on. It’s inconvenient, sure, but it’s certainly nothing like riding a bus for three hours, working an eight hour shift, and then riding a bus for three hours to get home. We will make do. Sometimes things just happen.

I share this story tonight in hopes that any coworkers reading it will keep in mind that this is a temporary inconvenience and not the end of the world. Yeah, I’m as grossed out by port o potties as the next girl, but I’ve definitely faced worse. At least no one is forcing us to spend six hours a day commuting to another location. It isn’t ideal, but such is life. I hope that my saying this might give people a different perspective on things. One day of having bathrooms in the parking lot is better than six months of having our entire office in the parking lot. We will make it through and all will be, if not glorious, at least back to normal.

Dukan Diet: Week 6

I just completed Week Six of my eating plan, and I’ve dropped another pound! That puts me at an even eight pounds down in the six weeks I’ve been following Dukan eating. These results are staggering to me, especially considering that I haven’t been following the diet exactly and have had my share of falls off the wagon.

Last Saturday was Valentine’s Day, and I was not about to worry myself with what I was eating over this special weekend. Bill treated me to a romantic dinner at Anthony’s in Edmonds, and also took me for a fantastic lunch yesterday at Ivar’s in Mukilteo. Both meals were delicious, and I focused completely on the amazing man that I was with and celebrating our wonderful relationship together and didn’t worry even slightly about the fact that my food choices were not Dukan-approved.

And that’s the thing I’m reminded of week after week of doing this: I am making lifestyle choices. I am choosing to eat better most of the time, and leaving splurges to a treat meal or so a week instead of just eating anything in sight. And as a result I am feeling so much better, both physically and emotionally, and when I do choose to have an off-plan meal I don’t feel guilty because I’m no longer doing it all the time. I feel like I’m back in control of what I’m eating and that feels great!

I’ve decided that going forward I’m going to change how I judge my weekly results. So far I’ve just been comparing my weight from one Monday to the next, but weight fluctuates and that method may not give me the most accurate picture of how I’m doing. So instead, beginning next week I’ll be comparing my average week loss for the week to that of the week before. I’m interested to see how this new method plays out!

Dukan Diet: Week 5

Week five of the Dukan Diet, quite frankly, was hard. I don’t know if I was struggling because I ate popcorn and a slice of cake during the Super Bowl, or if I was just finally having cravings after weeks of changed eating, but I had a really hard time last week. I lost a record low of 0.6lbs, which didn’t make me feel any better about things.

I was craving everything. One night, I wanted pizza. Another, I was dying for a good Mexican burrito and some chips and salsa. I found out that Dairy Queen has red velvet Blizzards now, and I really did consider getting one. By Friday I gave in and had a cheeseburger and fries with Rachel, but other than that, I really did stick to my eating plan. But where for the first month, it was a breeze, for some reason last week it was hell.

I’m disappointed at my low number for the week, but I’m trying to remind myself that any loss is progress, and that my weight loss is going to go more slowly now that I’m getting closer to my goal. I’ve also promised myself that I’m going to work out at least three days this week, not just my lunchtime walks but real exercise sessions either in the gym or at home. I may just be at a point where the food plan alone isn’t enough to reach the weight I want.

My other new strategy for this week involves eating earlier. I’m working ten-hour shifts right now that end at 6pm. That means I’m leaving the office, driving the half hour to get home, and then making dinner…most nights I don’t eat until at least 7:30, and that may just be too late for dinner. So as of this week I’m officially bringing all three of my meals and both my snacks to work with me. It is definitely NOT ideal, but who knows, maybe it’ll help. And maybe things will quiet down a bit at work and I won’t have to work such long hours soon.

So, all in all it was a bit of a discouraging week, but I’m going to try and not let it get to me. I still lost weight, I still stuck to my eating plan with one exception despite wanting to eat all the things. I’m hoping that this week the cravings will subside and I’ll feel better. But just in case, please nobody let me anywhere near Dairy Queen.

Scrambled Egg Muffins

Now that I’ve been on the Dukan Diet for a month, I’ve pretty much grown tired of the foods that were my initial go-to meals and decided it was time for something different. My breakfast in the mornings has typically been turkey sausage links, but a girl can only eat so much turkey sausage before she needs something different.

I started browsing recipes on Pinterest for ideas, and decided to try making scrambled egg muffins. I was a bit skeptical of how they’d turn out, but I really like them! I made them with all protein, but you can also add vegetables like onions, tomato slices, mushrooms, or any others. Here’s the recipe I’ve concocted:

Scrambled Egg Muffins

What you’ll need: 

6 eggs
2 tbsp Nonfat milk
Bacon Bits
Grated cheese (I used a Mexican blend, but any cheese you like is fine)

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Line a muffin tin with paper muffin liners and place bacon bits at the bottom of each paper.

In a mixing bowl, combine eggs and milk and beat eggs, adding in pepper for seasoning. Pour mixture into muffin liners over bacon bits. Sprinkle cheese on top.

Bake muffins for 20-25 minutes.


I let my muffins cool and then transferred them from the muffin tin to a storage container and put them in the fridge. Every morning I can pull out one or two and reheat them in the microwave (I put them in for about a minute and a half) and they make a great breakfast!


Dukan Diet: Week 4

I just finished my fourth week on the Dukan Diet, and dropped another 1.2lbs! It’s hard to believe that I’ve lost 6.4lbs in just four weeks of eating better. And it’s even harder to believe that I’ve lost that weight while still allowing myself an occasional splurge, and without being hungry or suffering through cravings for junk food!

I’m starting to notice physical changes in myself now that the weight is coming off. Not only do I appear slimmer, but my clothes reflect that I’m definitely smaller than I was four weeks ago. I hung onto most of my clothes from before I gained weight, and I can wear a lot of them again. In fact, today I proudly wore a slinky black dress to work that I absolutely love. I haven’t worn the dress in months because it just didn’t hang right after I gained weight, but I’ve gotten tons of compliments on it today.

The dress wasn’t my only milestone for the week. At the beginning of January, I bought myself a new pair of jeans that at the time were a size smaller than I was able to wear. After noticing that my bigger jeans were getting pretty baggy, I decided to try on the smaller ones and see if I would be able to squeeze into them yet. To my delight, they fit perfectly, and I ordered two more pairs.  And I’m now wearing a ring on my middle finger that just a few weeks ago fit on my ring finger!

Yesterday was the Super Bowl, so I honestly didn’t worry too much about what I was eating. I enjoyed all the food I wanted while I watched the game, and am back to following my diet today. And that’s the lifestyle I’m trying to establish for myself: eating healthy most of the time but enjoying the occasional treat meal or splurge without feeling guilty about it. That’s how I kept weight off before, and it’s how I plan to do it again. I know I’ve been saying this every week, but I’m still amazed at how simple this change has been to make and how much better I feel because of it. If I keep losing weight at this pace, I’ll be able to transition to the Consolidation Phase sometime in March. I’m really excited for that phase because at that point I’ll get to re-introduce daily servings of fruit and whole grain bread, which means apple slices and sandwiches!

I truly couldn’t be happier with my experiences so far on the Dukan eating plan and I’m very glad I decided to try it.