Dukan Diet: Week 4

I just finished my fourth week on the Dukan Diet, and dropped another 1.2lbs! It’s hard to believe that I’ve lost 6.4lbs in just four weeks of eating better. And it’s even harder to believe that I’ve lost that weight while still allowing myself an occasional splurge, and without being hungry or suffering through cravings for junk food!
I’m starting to notice physical changes in myself now that the weight is coming off. Not only do I appear slimmer, but my clothes reflect that I’m definitely smaller than I was four weeks ago. I hung onto most of my clothes from before I gained weight, and I can wear a lot of them again. In fact, today I proudly wore a slinky black dress to work that I absolutely love. I haven’t worn the dress in months because it just didn’t hang right after I gained weight, but I’ve gotten tons of compliments on it today.
The dress wasn’t my only milestone for the week. At the beginning of January, I bought myself a new pair of jeans that at the time were a size smaller than I was able to wear. After noticing that my bigger jeans were getting pretty baggy, I decided to try on the smaller ones and see if I would be able to squeeze into them yet. To my delight, they fit perfectly, and I ordered two more pairs.  And I’m now wearing a ring on my middle finger that just a few weeks ago fit on my ring finger!
Yesterday was the Super Bowl, so I honestly didn’t worry too much about what I was eating. I enjoyed all the food I wanted while I watched the game, and am back to following my diet today. And that’s the lifestyle I’m trying to establish for myself: eating healthy most of the time but enjoying the occasional treat meal or splurge without feeling guilty about it. That’s how I kept weight off before, and it’s how I plan to do it again. I know I’ve been saying this every week, but I’m still amazed at how simple this change has been to make and how much better I feel because of it. If I keep losing weight at this pace, I’ll be able to transition to the Consolidation Phase sometime in March. I’m really excited for that phase because at that point I’ll get to re-introduce daily servings of fruit and whole grain bread, which means apple slices and sandwiches!
I truly couldn’t be happier with my experiences so far on the Dukan eating plan and I’m very glad I decided to try it.

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