A New Job Kind of Post

I’ve let some time go by since I last updated my blog, and things have changed a lot. I was at home on my day off when I got a call from a supervisor at work named Doug. He was calling to tell me that he had just accepted a new position as the supervisor of a Customer Relations department, and was selecting people to come over and work for him. I was beyond excited by the job offer, especially since I was being hand-picked for it! I accepted on the spot, and today was my first day of training. My “official” start date in my new position will be April 1st. I think it’s a funny coincidence that on April 1st of last year, I received confirmation of my transfer to Washington being approved.
I will have five new coworkers, whom I know to varying degrees. Everyone seems really nice, and we’re all excited at the prospect of this new opportunity. We six have begun packing up our old desks in preparation for moving to a new area, and we were all ready to go this morning with learning our new jobs. Doug showed me today the new place where we’ll be sitting, and it’s fantastic! Granted, I will still have a cubicle, but it is by far the biggest cubicle I’ve ever had. I’ll have all the drawer and counter space I could ever want, plus two large overhead shelves for displaying things.
The job itself is pretty straightforward: we’ll be handling executive-level and government agency complaints, seeing them through to resolution. I feel excited and I think I’m as well-prepared for this new challenge as I can be. I’ve learned so much in the last seven months on the Jeop Desk. I know a lot more about systems and procedures than I did as a sales representative, and I’ve made some very valuable contacts throughout different departments that have taught me things I wouldn’t have ever known otherwise.
I moved to Washington a year ago in search of better opportunities for myself, and this job may be the biggest opportunity yet.