2013 in Review

It’s almost the end of the year, and since I haven’t blogged in awhile I thought it might be nice to get back into writing by looking back over my Resolutions for 2013. I had some good times and bad times in 2013, and overall I’m ready to welcome a new year and put this last one behind me.
So, how’d I do in 2013? Let’s take a look…..
1. Win the lottery. Nope, still no prize money. I have high hopes for 2014, though. As some know, 7 is my favorite number, so it would be appropriate for me to hit the jackpot in 7/14.
2. Continue to exercise and eat healthy and maintain the weight loss I’ve achieved.  I did a pretty good job of this overall in 2013. I’ve backslid recently, as people are apt to do during the holidays, but I’m ready to rally and get back to my diet and exercise habits.
3. Become a certified Zumba instructorI achieved this goal in January and it was a great experience. I taught a class alongside my friend Kate for awhile. It never really took off, but I may look into other teaching opportunities in the future. For the most part I’ve decided I prefer taking classes to teaching them, but I did have a really good time teaching!
4. Stress less, smile moreThis is a work in progress of sorts. I can definitely think of examples of times that I have let stress upset me more than it should have, especially in situations I had no control over. I still have moments where I feel anxious or even panicked, but I’m getting better at stopping myself and reminding myself that I need to roll with the punches. Life isn’t perfect, and things aren’t always going to go the way I want them to. All I can really do is choose to be happy no matter what’s thrown my way.
5. Get organizedIn some ways, I’ve done a really good job of this….and in others, I really fell short. I made this resolution specifically for the way I handle my personal property (at work I am ridiculously organized, which proves to me that I do have the potential to meet this goal). There is still far too much stuff crammed into my closets and dresser drawers. I’ve been looking at everything lately and realizing all over again that I simply have too much stuff, and that I need to go through and get rid of a lot of it. I really do want to streamline my life, and adopt more of a ‘quality’ than a ‘quantity’ aspect to my possessions. Hopefully I’ll do better with this one in the year to come.
And now, some reflection….The year overall left me with mixed feelings. I had some really great things happen, like enrolling in Washington State University and working toward my Bachelor’s degree, and spending a weekend in Vegas with my parents and my cousins to celebrate my cousin Melanie’s fortieth birthday. I dealt with some really tough stuff too, especially finding out that my cat Angel is in the early stages of kidney disease. I made some new friends, and other friendships were strengthened. I also lost relationships with people that I had honestly believed would be in my life forever.
What I can say about this past year is that I’ve used it to really come into my own. I have regained a self-confidence that I didn’t think I would ever get back, that I haven’t truly had since I was 18 years old. Because of that, I was able to make some hard decisions about parts of my life that just weren’t going the way that I wanted them to. My mother is forever reminding me that I can’t save the world, and telling me that I need to prioritize myself and stop setting aside everything I want for the sake of others. Hard as it is, I’m trying to listen. I’m trying to put my own needs at the forefront of my mind for a change. It isn’t an easy mindset to change, and there are definitely times when I feel incredibly selfish. It isn’t in my nature at all, and I’ve had to fight very hard with myself at times to stop myself from falling into old habits and letting someone else’s happiness take priority over my own.
I did a little writing in 2013, and here are some posts from this year that I am particularly proud of (if you particularly liked a different post, let me know!):
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Mistress Shaming –  I reacted to a website that exists solely to shame the “other women”.
Now for the New Year’s Resolutions. I only really have one resolution for 2014, and that is to embrace it and do my best to enjoy it. I want to travel, have fun with friends, try new places and new food and have new experiences.
Happy New Year, my friends. I hope you all have a wonderful 2014!