Dukan Diet: Week 5

Week five of the Dukan Diet, quite frankly, was hard. I don’t know if I was struggling because I ate popcorn and a slice of cake during the Super Bowl, or if I was just finally having cravings after weeks of changed eating, but I had a really hard time last week. I lost a record low of 0.6lbs, which didn’t make me feel any better about things.
I was craving everything. One night, I wanted pizza. Another, I was dying for a good Mexican burrito and some chips and salsa. I found out that Dairy Queen has red velvet Blizzards now, and I really did consider getting one. By Friday I gave in and had a cheeseburger and fries with Rachel, but other than that, I really did stick to my eating plan. But where for the first month, it was a breeze, for some reason last week it was hell.
I’m disappointed at my low number for the week, but I’m trying to remind myself that any loss is progress, and that my weight loss is going to go more slowly now that I’m getting closer to my goal. I’ve also promised myself that I’m going to work out at least three days this week, not just my lunchtime walks but real exercise sessions either in the gym or at home. I may just be at a point where the food plan alone isn’t enough to reach the weight I want.
My other new strategy for this week involves eating earlier. I’m working ten-hour shifts right now that end at 6pm. That means I’m leaving the office, driving the half hour to get home, and then making dinner…most nights I don’t eat until at least 7:30, and that may just be too late for dinner. So as of this week I’m officially bringing all three of my meals and both my snacks to work with me. It is definitely NOT ideal, but who knows, maybe it’ll help. And maybe things will quiet down a bit at work and I won’t have to work such long hours soon.
So, all in all it was a bit of a discouraging week, but I’m going to try and not let it get to me. I still lost weight, I still stuck to my eating plan with one exception despite wanting to eat all the things. I’m hoping that this week the cravings will subside and I’ll feel better. But just in case, please nobody let me anywhere near Dairy Queen.

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