Cubicle, Sweet Cubicle

If you’re like me, you spend 40+ hours a week sitting in a cubicle while you’re at work. If you don’t, then please just know that I am very jealous of you.
Cubie 8
In order to make my little work space feel more like home, I have attempted to add some personal touches that I think reflect my personality and make me happy.
I think it’s really important to have photos in your work area. Photos of family and friends make you happy and put a smile on your face, plus they remind you of why you’re at your job in the first place. Although I love what I do, sometimes I have a stressful day and I need a reminder of why I’m working so hard. I have several framed photos throughout my cubicle, as well as my photo wall.
Cubie 4
The photo wall is one of my favorite parts of my work station. I have created a collage of photos of family, friends, and of course my sweet kitties. Looking at the photos brings a smile to my face and helps me remember good times and keeps me motivated.
I also have fun things around my cubicle that have been given to me by friends and family.
Cubie 9
In addition to photos, I have a variety of things that have been gifted to me. As shown in the photo above, I have my Crazy Cat Lady action figure (this was given to me by my coworker Bob for Christmas one year, so fitting!), and the Cat sign was a birthday present from a family friend. I also have various shot glasses that friends have brought me back from their vacations (they’re filled with pins, not alcohol), old Verizon collectibles, and one GTE mug that I drink my morning coffee from at the beginning of every work day.
Cubie 6
Sometimes, the cure for a stressful day is to visualize yourself in a tranquil, happy place. My brother Steve helped me out with that by making me these four beautiful landscapes as a Christmas present one year, and I can look into them and feel myself being transported out of my cubicle and into the scene of choice. For my Verizon buddies, you might also recognize good ol’ Clyde Vibe hanging out too.
Cubie 5
Ever the cat lady, I have these two caricatures hanging in my cubicle so that I can catch sight of them and smile throughout my day. On the left is a Frank Coble print that I got at Pike Place Market in Seattle. It just seemed so fitting for my big kitty Oliver. On the right is a caricature that was drawn of me years ago when I worked in Victorville. The artist came out and sketched drawings for anyone that wanted one as part of a promotion day. I’ve kept it all these years because I absolutely love it! Please note the martini glass, and of course, the cat.
Cubie 10
I’m also a big fan of office decorations. If there were a career I could pursue as an office decorator, I’d be all over that. I like to get in the spirit of birthdays and Christmas by decorating coworkers’ cubicles (or for Christmas, our entire work area). In the picture above, my desk drawers are trimmed with pink argyle. To create this effect, I used patterned DuckTape brand duct tape. I applied the tape to the top edges of all my drawers, and the customized look was so appealing that a few of my coworkers are now sporting custom DuckTape desk drawers too!
Cubie 3
When you look at my cubicle as a whole, it may not appear to be all that terribly special. In fact, it may seem cluttered. But when you break it down and really examine each individual item (yes, there are a lot of work-related things in there too, they just aren’t any fun to take pictures of and blog about!), you’ll see that each thing makes me happier at work and makes life in a cubicle so much better.

Tips for a Joyful January

It’s January and this morning dawned a not-so-balmy 25 degrees. I got up, bundled myself in warm clothes, and set off to brave the ice on my way to Starbucks and then work. I simply could not face an icy Friday morning without a skinny vanilla latte.
Winter can be hard on us, physically and mentally. It’s cold, the days are short and dark, and weather conditions are often unfriendly. Luckily, I’ve found some things that make the January days much nicer. Here are some of my favorites:
 Clarisonic Mia 2
I bought my Clarisonic back in November, at the urging of my friend Kate. I love it! The Clarisonic Mia 2 is a small handheld facial cleanser. Since cold winter air can wreak havoc on my skin, I’m extra diligent about using my Clarisonic daily to keep my skin clean and vibrant. The Mia 2 is a little pricey (it retails for $119) but it was worth every penny. To keep my skin hydrated, I use the Mia 2 and follow up with applying moisturizer.
      Olay Quench Body Lotion
Cold, windy winter weather can cause some seriously dry skin. While my Clarisonic is taking care of my face, the rest of my skin gets a re-hydrating treat with Olay Quench lotion. I’ve been using this brand since my first trip to Seattle in 2008, when Paul was headed to the drugstore and I just needed lotion so I told him to pick one. He came back with a bottle of Olay Quench, and I’ve been hooked ever since. It’s not heavily scented, so it doesn’t clash with my perfume (I exclusively wear Dior J’Adore, in case you were wondering), and within a few weeks of using it, my skin was noticeably softer. And, added bonus, most drugstores and even grocery stores carry Olay Quench, with a reasonable price of under ten dollars.
Fuzzy Jammies
In my house, we turn down the thermostat at night so the heat’s not running needlessly. This is a great way to save money on our heating bill, but it also means that the inside temperature drops in the house and it can get pretty chilly. I like to stay snuggly in warm fleece jammies (my favorites are Simply Vera Vera Wang Dreamy Fleece, $50 at Kohl’s). These pajamas are fantastic!
Side note: Not sure how long it will last, but when I looked at the website today the pajamas are on sale for $20! Get yours fast!
 A nice, warm scarf
I love a cozy scarf with my winter outfit. Not only are scarves cute, but they really do keep me warmer. This year I received three scarves for Christmas, and all were handmade by friends. If you didn’t receive any creative gifts this year, you can pick up a variety of cute scarves for reasonable prices at Target.
**I should also mention that the scarf in the photo was actually a loan from Kate. Go here to get one of your very own!
Comfy Boots
Living in the Northwest, we get a lot of rain. I hate getting my feet or the bottoms of my pants wet, so I’ve learned that a great solution is to wear boots in the winter to keep my legs dry. Recently I found these great Dana Buchman Tall Boots on sale at Kohl’s for $38 (regular price $99) and I just had to have them. Since I bought them, I’ve worn them several times and they are my go-to shoe with jeans now. They’re super comfy, and the flat sole doesn’t hurt my feet after walking around a mall.
Hopefully this list will help make your January more enjoyable! What are your favorite winter items?

5 Things Not to Do On Facebook in 2013

It’s a new year, a fresh start, a chance to do everything better. People are resolving to hit the gym, finish that major project, or pursue that lifelong unrequited dream. While all those things are great, they may be difficult to achieve over the next twelve months. And so, I have a suggestion for an easy-to-keep resolution that everyone can partake in: resolve not to make any of the following your Facebook status in 2013.
**Disclaimer: This is meant to be funny. 
1. I have the best boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/hamster in the world!
While I’m super happy for you that you have this special person (or hamster) in your life, these generalizations are annoying and don’t make for great Facebook statuses. Instead, why not give a little Cliffnotes version of WHY that person (hamster) is the best in the world? For instance: “My wonderful boyfriend brought me flowers and breakfast in bed, how sweet!” If you mention a specific action instead of just informing all your Facebook friends that your sweetie is the bestest ever, people are a lot more prone to liking the post instead of just rolling their eyes and moving on. Also, if that special someone hasn’t actually done something all that wonderful and you’re just in the mood to gush…please, skip the post.
2. Men are such assholes!
I’ve seen this on my feed before and I really can’t stand it. First of all, you don’t see men updating their Facebook statuses to say “Women are such bitches!” And the reason for that is that women would get seriously offended by such a post. There would potentially be an angry mob storming the house of any man foolish enough to say something like that. Secondly, c’mon, all men are not assholes. I know plenty of nice guys out there for whom this absolutely does not apply. The reality is that if you’re writing this as your status, it’s probably because you keep surrounding yourself with people who are assholes and then being surprised and upset when they act as such. Spend less time blaming the entire opposite sex for the crimes of a few and get some better friends.
3. I’m so done! 
This (and any variation thereof) is beyond irritating. The obvious next question that you’re waiting to be asked is, “Done with what?” You’re fishing for attention here and you’re not going to get it from me, as I purposely ignore these types of posts. If you feel the need to vent via social media, just suck it up and give us a condensed version of what the hell your problem is. If it’s not something you want to share with all your Facebook buddies, then why post anything at all? Vent to a friend by phone, text, or private message. Don’t sob in public only to reply to the concerned questions of what’s wrong with a vague, “Things are just not going well today”, or other such nonsense. Spare me the drama.
4. Any post that involves changing your relationship status to ‘Single’ just because you’re fighting with your significant other. 
Couples fight. Every couple in every relationship has a tiff every now and then. But if I get into an argument with Paul, I don’t run straight to Facebook to unfriend him and change my relationship status. Unfortunately, I know people that do take such dramatic action, only to re-friend and re-update their relationship status in a couple hours once the fight’s blown over. If you really do go through a breakup, that’s sad and I’m sorry for you. But don’t broadcast your split on social media until you’re sure that the relationship really is over…if for no other reason than you’re not going to like it when your boyfriend’s hot childhood best (female) friend comments on the status and says she always hated you anyway, and that comment gets 100 likes.
5. Any posts that rant about how stupid people are in which you misspell a word or use poor grammar.
Let me be the first to tell you: misspelling a word or using the wrong form of ‘your’ when venting about what idiots people can be makes YOU look like the idiot. When I’m scrolling through a feed and come across “People are so dumb today! They do’nt know there left from they’re write!”, I’m going to mentally bitch-slap you. Don’t misunderstand me, I am all about a good anger-infused rant and I urge you to keep them coming, because they’re usually a blast to read. Just don’t call people out for being stupid and then make a mistake that proves you’re stupid too.