Summer Book List, Version 1

Several of my friends have been asking for good books to read, so I thought I’d use my blog and put together a few of my recommendations for a Summer Reading List. Yes, I know technically summer hasn’t quite begun yet, but it’s almost here and with it will come long, warm summer evenings that are perfect for settling in with a book and a big glass of iced tea. Here are a few of the books I’ve read recently. If you’ve got something you’d like to add, please let me know as I’m always looking for new books myself.

If You Were Here, by Jen Lancaster. Not only is she my favorite author, like, EVER, it’s her first fiction release and it’s hysterical. Read, laugh, and try not to pee your pants as character Mia coerces her husband into buying a rundown mansion and how they nearly get divorced renovating it.

Best Friends Forever, by Jennifer Weiner. One of the best books she’s written, in my opinion. A former fat girl and her beautiful childhood best friend unite after the latter commits a crime at a high school reunion. It’s fun, whimsical, and at points it’s pretty hilarious too.

e, by Matt Beaumont. This novel is written in the form of exchanged interoffice emails, beautifully laid out so every catty, backstabbing moment is captured. I loved this book so much I’ve read it three times already. Plus, it’s set in London so all the characters use British slang, and I now look for any excuse I can find to call someone a twat.

Oogy, by Larry Levin. I had to keep a box of tissues nearby for this sweet story of a puppy that was viciously fed to a fighting dog, somehow survived, and was brought into the Levin family to be loved for the rest of his days. Oogy’s horrific beginnings are far overshadowed by the life he leads as a cherished pet in this book. I fell absolutely in love with this dog and loved his happy ending.

What the Night Knows, by Dean Koontz. This novel scared the hell out of me. Don’t read it right before bed unless you’re one hundred percent sure that what you read before bedtime won’t keep you up or give you nightmares. Koontz’s novels are always page turners and typically are a little spooky, but this one really made my hair stand on end and I relished every page.

Dear John, by Nicholas Sparks. I’d never read this author’s work, and Dear John was a great book to start with. Sparks makes you fall in love with Savannah right along with John, and although the ending isn’t necessarily what I think readers would want for the characters, it’s more true to life though bittersweet. After I read this novel I was hungry for more and bought the movie…..I do NOT recommend doing this, as the movie is not nearly as enchanting as the book. Just read the book and enjoy what it is, and skip the film.

Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang, by Chelsea Handler. I admit, I bought another of Ms. Handler’s books and wasn’t all that impressed – I’m going back to give it another chance after reading this one – but this memoir is absolutely awesome. The collection of stories, from when Chelsea’s boyfriend is out of town and she goes feral, staying indoors and calling him for instructions on how to turn on the tv so she can watch a movie, to the ill-fated party where she feeds the host’s dog a snack, then convinces her boyfriend that the dog died from it, are hilarious and definitely worth my time.

Happy Reading!! More than likely I’ll put together another list by mid-summer, as I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading lately and will probably discover new gems that I’ll be dying to share.    =)