Back to Pixie Nation

Earlier this year, I declared that I was going to attempt to grow out my hair after rocking a pixie cut for the last half of 2014. By July, I definitely had gotten back to a bob:

2015 longer hair


It was cute, for sure…but it wasn’t fun. And more and more I found myself contemplating going back to the pixie. I guess cutting off my hair is addicting.

I found a great new stylist, Lendy,  in my new hometown of Edmonds, Ombu Salon. At first, I simply had her trim and shape my cut, but a week later I called her back and told her that while I loved what she had done, I wanted a new style. I showed her some photos and we talked about things I like and things I don’t, and when I left her chair it was with what is hands-down the best cut I have ever had. I get so many compliments on my pixie cut!

Me in Chicago, August 2015

Me in Chicago, August 2015

I feel SO much prettier with my new hair and I have a lot of fun styling it every day. Even though my hair is definitely really short (no ponytails for me!) there are a lot of things I can do with it and a lot of different products I can use to achieve different looks. For everyday office hair, I keep it simple and spritz my hair with a spray wax (Bed Head Head Banger is a really great product) to add texture, tame any flyaways with my flat iron, and finish with a flexible-hold hair spray to keep everything in place. If I want more of a bedhead look on the weekends, I use a defining cream from Helios Essentials to create a more piecey look.

My advice to anyone contemplating a new look is to go for it. I wish I hadn’t spent so many years with long, boring hair just because I was afraid that short hair wasn’t for me or that I wouldn’t look good. Once I took the plunge I found that I actually look way better with short hair, and I have a lot more fun rocking it!