Medifast Week 2

I have successfully completed my second week on Medifast, and lost another 2.8lbs! That puts me at 6.4lbs lost in 14 days. I don’t hate that. And I’ve lost just about nine pounds since I vowed to start watching what I ate, prior to beginning Medifast. I’m feeling a LOT better without the extra weight, and definitely more motivated than ever to keep going! My boyfriend Bill and I were talking last night about signing up to run a few 5k’s together next year. He’s a runner, I’m…well, not. But running a 5k is fun. With some training I’ll probably do just fine.

This week was not without struggles, that’s for sure. Bill and I went to the movies on Saturday, and we stayed far far away from the movie popcorn (even though it’s one of our most favorite treats!). I was super food-lusty for pretty much all of Saturday, but I got through it with lots of support from Bill and a big diet Coke at the movies. By yesterday the crazy food cravings subsided and I was back to feeling focused. It’s kinda hard to believe that I’ve already made it through fifteen days of this diet, with only two to go!

I’m really looking forward to Thanksgiving this year. Not just because I’ll be taking a break from my diet and eating whatever I please (although I am definitely looking forward to that!) but because Bill and I are going to Indiana for the holiday and I’ll get to meet his family for the first time. I’m excited to get to know them and see the area where Bill grew up. And thanks to Medifast, my clothes fit better and I feel a lot more confident and comfortable in my own skin, which is a huge plus when meeting people for the first time!

I’m so happy with the weight I’ve lost so far that it makes the hard moments completely worth it.



A Little Update

It’s Friday, and honestly, I’m pretty tired. I’ve been living in Kirkland for two weeks now, and ever since I moved I’ve been putting in overtime hours before the start of my regular workday. Perhaps it is NOT the smartest idea to take on an additional project at work that requires me to come in early the same week that I’m adjusting to a longer commute, but that’s me…never doing things the easy way. So I’ve been getting up at 4:30am to make it to work.

So yes, I’m tired, but I’m also blissfully happy in my new house. Amy has been awesome and completely understanding about my long hours at the office, and has done a ton of work to get the house unpacked and put together. It’s nice having a friendly face to come home to every night. Having a roommate has been pretty cool so far. We go shopping together, we got pedicures together when I got off work Monday night, and we hang out together. My kitties are adjusting well to living in the new place and soon we’ll be ready to add Amy’s golden retriever to the mix.

The last couple weeks in Washington have been extremely dry and cold, very unlike Washington in November! Temperatures have dropped to the twenties and thirties at night, and I’m very grateful to be able to park my car in a garage and not have to scrape ice off my windows in the mornings. Our house was built in the late 1960’s, so it DOES get a little chilly at night, but we have central heating (BIG step up from the electric baseboard heating in my old apartment!). I bought myself a heated mattress pad from Costco this week and now I’m nice and toasty all night long. It has 20 different heat settings. 20 settings of warms to choose from. I like having the options.

Next week I don’t have any overtime, and I’m only working two days. My boyfriend and I are headed to Fort Wayne to celebrate Thanksgiving with his family, and I’m super excited. I can’t wait to meet them and see his hometown. I can hardly believe it’s already almost Thanksgiving. The holiday season is here…and I still feel like we just started this year. 2015 will be here before I can remember to stop writing 2013 on my checks.

I look back to where I was at Thanksgiving last year, and where I am now…worlds apart. What a difference a year makes.

Medifast Week 1

I’ve written a couple of blogs lately in which I vowed to take control back after gaining weight over the last year. Truthfully, the blogs were about as far as I’ve gotten in the process. In the weeks leading up to my move, I was busy constantly and it was really hard to make time for the gym, and it was even harder to watch what I ate. Although I did try to start cooking for myself and watching portion sizes, and I did lose a couple of pounds, it wasn’t anything significant.

I needed a weight loss jump-start. And I am giving myself just that: last week my boyfriend and I started Medifast. Their 5&1 plan, consisting primarily of pre-packaged meals, is convenient and easy to follow. This was especially good for me last week, when I had just moved into a new house and not unpacked the kitchen yet. Cooking was sort of out, since I didn’t know where anything was. Being able to just grab a bar or make a shake really quickly has helped me stay focused. And the thing I love about Medifast is that it’s convenient, yet strict: I can’t graze at potlucks or nibble sweets because NONE of it is allowed.

I know what the people who are reading this must be thinking, that I’ve always preached AGAINST diets and yet now I’m on one. To be clear, I still  believe that healthy eating and exercising has to be a lifestyle choice, and that diets don’t work. That view hasn’t changed. If I come off of Medifast and start eating the way I have been for the last year, I will gain all the weight back and probably more. I’m only staying on Medifast for 17 days. After that, I’ll be more accustomed to smaller portion sizes and eating every few hours, and instead of bars I’ll have healthy meals and snacks. By then I’ll be completely settled in my new house, too, so I can resume a more normal workout routine (I miss my Zumba!).

In the first week, I lost 3.6lbs by following the Medifast plan. It was difficult at times (likewhen I went to the movies on Friday night and didn’t eat popcorn!), but I feel so good watching the pounds starting to melt away that it’s worth the sacrifice. I can’t wait to see how much progress I make in Week 2!

Getting Moving

Today, completely unexpectedly, I had a thoroughly thought-provoking and motivating conversation with a friend.

We talked about how we felt that physically, we had backslid from progress we were making. That we knew how good it felt to be athletes and that now we crave it. That we know that everyone has setbacks, and that forever progress is slow, but that it was time to refocus and get back to working for what we want.

A year ago, I was in the best physical shape of my life. I felt awesome and I liked how I looked. I liked that my body would do whatever I pushed it to do, and I liked how I was constantly surpassing what I felt were my own limits. I miss that feeling. I miss that girl.

In many ways, I am happier than I have ever been in my adult life. But I feel that I have let the athlete go untrained for too long. She needs to be put through her paces and challenged again.

I move to my new house this weekend and once I get that huge chore accomplished, it’s time to get myself back into shape. I miss Zumba deeply, and I miss the gym too. I want exercise, I want to be physically exhausted after pushing myself beyond my perceived breaking point. On the short term, it’s going to hurt. It’s going to make me sore and it just might make me sick. I don’t care. It needs to happen, because in the long term I will be happy.

I’m going to move, and then I need to get moving.