Places I Love: Mikie's Restaurant

Even though I’m currently on a mission to overhaul my eating habits, I do love the occasional indulgence and a lunch of a great cheeseburger and fries definitely qualifies! Right now, having the best food possible is extra important to me, because if I am going to stray from my healthy eating regimen, the food I’m splurging on better be worth it!
For a great burger, my go-to has become Mikie’s Restaurant in Everett. Not only are they super close to my office, making them easily accessible even if I don’t have much time to grab a bite to eat, but their food is beyond fantastic. My friend Rachel and I like to go there for lunch as a payday treat, and they never disappoint. We like to call our food in before we leave the office so it’s ready when we get there, so that we can sit in a booth and enjoy our lunch and the decor.
The restaurant has an old-fashioned drive-inĀ feel to it, which stems from its origins as an A&W franchise back in the late fifties. It’s been family owned and operated since its current owners purchased it in 1966, and a place that’s been around that long screams of a successful business model. I’ve never been there when it wasn’t jammed with people inside, with a long line of cars in the drive thru outside.
I’m a purist of sorts – I love a really well-made cheeseburger paired with their French fries. Rachel likes the bacon cheeseburger and a milkshake. But the menu offers lots of different burgers, and one of these days I’m going to give their chili dogs a try (I do love a good chili dog!).
With reasonable lunch menu prices and a super-friendly staff, Mikie’s is a way better experience than standard fast food drive-thru fare. It’s perfect for a one-meal splurge and the portion sizes are generous but not over-the-top. If I’m going to be eating a lunch I didn’t pack myself, odds are that it will be a Mikie’s lunch!

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