Dukan Diet, Week 1: Attack Phase

Last week I posted on my blog that I was starting the Dukan Diet, and promised to share my thoughts and progress along the way. I lost 2.6 pounds in the first week, and while I confess that I was hoping to lose more, I’m happy to have those pounds gone! I’m very interested to see if I continue on this pace or if my weight loss slows now that I’m moving into the second phase of the diet.
Phase One: Attack 
The first phase of the Dukan Diet is called the Attack Phase, and it’s the strictest one on the plan. It restricts you to lean protein for 5-10 days, depending on how much you need to lose to reach your true weight (you can calculate it all on Dukan’s site).
I like this diet a lot better than anything I’ve ever tried before, mainly because I don’t have to worry about when I’m “allowed” to eat and can have my meals and snacks when I’m ready for them. Although the diet boasts that you don’t have to stress portions and can eat as much as you like, I’m finding that lean protein is VERY filling and a lot of the time I couldn’t eat everything on my plate!
I did have a couple of cravings here and there, but they didn’t last long and were usually triggered by smells (for some reason, being in ketosis always seems to heighten my sense of smell!). I’ve often described myself as a chocoholic, so I was really surprised that I didn’t crave chocolate one bit during the first week.
I’ve now successfully completed the Attack Phase and am moving into the second phase, which is the Cruise Phase. This one lasts quite a bit longer because you stay on it until you reach your true weight, which for me is still 14 pounds away. On the Cruise Phase, you alternate days of eating veggies along with your lean protein.
Sample Menu (Attack Phase)
4 Jennie-O turkey sausage links
Nonfat latte
Foster Farms Chicken Breast Strips
2 Hard Boiled Eggs
Nonfat Greek yogurt
Rotisserie turkey breast with taco seasoning

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