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I saw my new house last week, and I really like it! It’s an adorable one-story house on a quiet street of well-maintained homes. Amy and I are going to have a busy few weeks packing and preparing to move, and I’m sure time is going to fly by.
My boyfriend very sweetly took me on a neighborhood tour of where I’ll be living yesterday (he knows the Kirkland area way better than I do). I have to say, it’s quite an upgrade from where I live now in Everett. Not that my current neighborhood is bad or anything, but the new area is so pretty!
This morning I emailed my apartment manager and let her know that I was leaving. That was a little sad for me, because she’s been beyond wonderful to me. A year ago when I first met her, I was frantically looking for ANY available place to live. Not only did she work with me every step of the way to make things as easy and affordable as possible, but she went above and beyond to make me comfortable and happy in my new home. I’ve never moved into a rental that was so clean before (and I saw my place before any work was done to it…it was a WRECK).I left a nice review on about the place I’ve been living, and thanked my apartment manager for being so fantastic.
I’m getting excited to do all the new-home things: picking out paint colors for my bedroom and new towels to go with the pretty blue bathroom, deciding how to decorate, baking the first batch of cookies in the new kitchen. Amy shares my love of baking so the two of us are going to have to find people to give all our yummy homemade treats to! What I’m NOT so excited about is packing (ugh!) but luckily in my last move I pretty much just took the essentials, so I should be able to knock out the packing in a couple of days.
I’m so excited about our new house, and I can’t wait to be there.

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