Here I Go Again

Tonight, I’m going to go look at a house. I won’t be doing this alone, though: my friend Amy and I have decided to move in together. It’ll be a new experience for me, since I’ve never lived with a roommate before. Although I’m loathe to move yet again (this will be my fourth home since moving to Washington in 2010), I’m excited to share a house with my friend and to be in a better financial situation. Living alone is expensive, and although it is peaceful, it can definitely get lonely at times. It will be nice to have someone to come home to, to make dinner and bake cookies with, and to drink coffee with in the mornings.
Even though I’ve decided to move out of the apartment I’m in now, I really have come to love that place. When I moved in last December, I fully expected to hate it. I had never chosen a place to live all by myself before, and the one I got was not picked out because I fell in love with it but because it was available and I needed to move quickly. I would have  been far happier to be able to stay in the house I’d lived in back in Marysville, but I just couldn’t afford it on my own. I loved that house and was sad to leave it behind.
To my surprise, I grew to love my little apartment and I will actually be a little sad when I leave it. But I am ready for this new adventure (except for the packing part…I hate packing). I’m eager to be moved, unpacked, and comfortable in the new place, and excited to have my very first roommate!

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