Summer Reading List

Even though it is chilly and rainy this morning in the Northwest, I still decided to go ahead with my summer reading list post. For most of the country, the weather is warm and sunny, and people are lounging by pools with their books and their iced tea. And, if you’re in the Seattle area like me, you can use this list when you curl up with your hot latte to read while the rain falls outside.

I literally read ‘Through These Eyes’ in one sitting, it was so good. In this chilling book, a police officer comes to grips with shooting and killing the wrong person during a pursuit. The family of the slain victim, a teenage boy, is filled with rage at the unjust killing of their son, while the officer responsible just tries to deal with the consequences of her fatal mistake. 

The lastest memoir by my favoritest author ever, Jen Lancaster, this book is hilarious. I originally bought the hardcover edition since Kindle has had some issues with footnotes, but that’s been resolved now so the Kindle edition is just as satisfying. The book is filled with short stories so it’s a quick read, and as always I adore the narcissistic-yet-lovable Jen.

This was another book I read extremely quickly. After Grace races into a burning school to save her daughter Jenny from the flames, she wakes up in the hospital to find both she and Jenny are caught outside of their badly damaged bodies, watching the aftermath of the fire – which is determined to be arson – unfold.

What’s a girl to do when her father gets her an exotic bird (instead of a car!) for her 16th birthday? How does she cope when her therapist refuses to attend couples’ therapy with her to work on their therapist-client relationship? Babe Walker has a host of problems, outlined in this hilarious book.

I’ve been a Grisham fan for ages, and ‘The Litigators’ does not disappoint. Fast-track lawyer David Zinc flees his job with a fancy downtown firm, and after spending the day binge-drinking, stumbles upon the ambulance-chasing firm of Finley and Figg. When the ’boutique firm’ (as they call themselves) jump headfirst into litigation against a drug company, the easy money they anticipate winning seems too good to be true….and probably is.

Happy Reading!

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