Dukan Diet: Week 3

Another week down! I weighed myself this morning and had lost 1lb since last week,  for a total loss so far of 5.2lbs! I’m about a third of the way to my goal weight, which is really exciting to me!
I’m 21 days into this diet, and at this point I would describe my approach to weight loss as Dukan-ish. I haven’t been doing the best job of alternating my protein-only and protein/veggie days…I’ve been eating veggies pretty much every day…but I really don’t feel too bad about eating healthy vegetables like broccoli and salad.
I probably would have had better weight loss results this week if I hadn’t succumbed to temptation and devoured about seven chocolate chip cookies that my coworker Nicholas brought to the office last week. He makes amazing cookies and despite my love of them, I would have been able to pass them up had it not been his last week working with us before moving on from the company, so since it was very likely the last time I’d have a chance to eat them I indulged. I should’ve stopped at one, maybe two, but I sort of lost my mind and just kept eating them throughout the day. It taught me an important lesson: I’m still not in a place where I can have one cookie. Desserts have always been my weakness, and it seems they still are. My approach going forward is going to be to avoid things like that unless they come in a pre-measured amount.
Other than that, it was a good week food-wise, and I got in a couple of good workouts too. Monday night I went to Zumba, and felt absolutely amazing afterwards. On Saturday, Bill and I worked out to his Hour of Power DVD, which truly kicked my ass. I like getting in good workouts and would like to try and add at least one more in this week, so that I’ll hit my weight loss goal looking fit and toned instead of merely slimming down.
I continue to be amazed at how good I feel following this diet. I had balked at doing Dukan last year when my coworkers started it, thinking it was too strict and I would never be able to follow it long enough to succeed. Now that I know just how energetic and healthy I feel, and how little I crave the junk food I used to think I couldn’t live without, I wish I had done this sooner! I do look forward to getting to the Consolidation Phase and adding some more things back in, but I also feel like I can get through a couple more months in the Cruise Phase without feeling unhappy or deprived.

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