Welcome 2015!

Happy 2015! I know the new year is already five days in, but I spent the first few days of it relaxing and enjoying the last little bit of quiet I would have before I jumped back into my old job and hectic schedule. Starting today, I have an hour and a half of overtime scheduled each day, so I’m arriving at work at 6:30 in the morning. That means waking up at 4:15, something I am not used to and not particularly good at. But I’m fueled by the promise of overtime pay, which translates into money in savings, paid bills, and fun splurges, so bring on the madness.
It used to be all the rage to make New Year’s Resolutions, vows we make to improve ourselves in the new year. But over the last couple of years it seems to be more the fad to NOT make resolutions, because they put too much pressure on us, and we should just be living our lives without that added stress of self-imposed deadlines for achievement. That’s not really me, though. I’ve always seen the beginning of a new year as an opportunity to set goals for myself, and 2015 is really no exception. Maybe my goals aren’t all that exciting: I want to pay off my credit cards, replenish my savings account, and lose the weight that I gained in 2014.
The financial goals I have are a result of my decision late last year to move in with a roommate and free up my finances somewhat. Living alone was really expensive and did not leave me a lot of financial wiggle-room; now that I have someone to share household expenses with, I can pay off some bills and still have enough money left over to put some in savings and to also have some fun.
I did have some success at losing weight last year with Medifast, but I gained most of it back during the holidays and now I’m feeling like I’m pretty much back at square one. Although I tried to motivate myself in December with the threat that I would have to go back on the diet in January if I couldn’t keep my weight off, I’ve decided to go a different route this time and try the Dukan Diet. Several of my coworkers have had success with it, and I like that the Dukan diet provides not only a guide to losing weight, but the steps to transition to a maintenance plan as well. It will mean making lifelong changes, and I do believe that leading a healthier lifestyle SHOULD be the end goal. I’ll keep my blog updated with my weight loss journey and (hopefully) milestones.
My biggest overall goal for 2015, though, is to really enjoy it. My life is going great and I’m in a really great place personally and professionally. I’m ready to make this the best year yet!

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