A Very Merry Christmas

Yesterday was Christmas, and it was the best one I’ve had since moving to the Northwest. Over the last week I’ve had intermittent bummed-out moments because I was missing my family. I always have to work on Christmas Eve, which prevents me from being able to travel to California for the holidays. But I felt better because this year, I opened presents with my parents and sister on Christmas Eve via Skype. It was so much fun actually getting to watch them open their presents, and being able to thank them “in person” as I opened mine!
Christmas at the cozy new house was great. Both Bill and Amy’s boyfriend came over on Christmas Eve, and we all sat around and played Cards Against Humanity and laughed hysterically. On Christmas morning, Amy and I wore the special matching pajamas we got just for the occasion. Santa-Amy had come the night before and filled our stockings, and we all sat in the living room and exchanged gifts. I felt spoiled rotten with all the thoughtful, wonderful presents I received, and I think the gifts I picked out for everyone were a hit. After presents, we cleaned up the wrapping-paper storm that had hit the living room (much to my cats’ chagrin – they love playing with discarded wrapping paper) and Bill cooked breakfast for everyone. He’s a fantastic cook, and I love his breakfasts. For the rest of the day, the house smelled like bacon, and who doesn’t love bacon?
The rest of the day was very low-key. We watched TV, took naps, and relaxed. I didn’t change out of my PJ’s until after noon. My friend Maggie came over for a bit to see the new house and to exchange gifts, and in the evening Bill and I went to Waverly Beach Park near my house to watch the sunset.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, I know I did!

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