Pushing Forward

Today I had a really hard time getting psyched up for my workout. I don’t know why there are days that I dread the gym, because I always feel fantastic after I exercise. I always regret it when I miss a workout, but I always feel happy when I finish one.
On top of feeling lazy, I was food-lusty. I fantasized about eating a cheeseburger. But I’m planning on having lasagna for dinner, so I knew I really needed to stick to a light, healthy lunch.
. Finally, I reminded myself that I’m only four pounds away from my second weight-loss goal, and that I’m feeling so much better about myself now that I’m dropping weight. I decided that I have until the end of the month to hit my second goal, and if I don’t, then I’ll go back on Medifast in January. And while Medifast definitely works and can help me shed pounds faster, I would much rather just eat healthy foods and exercise to lose weight. It’s very tough mentally to stay on such a restrictive diet, so it’s definitely not what I want.
So I went to the gym.
And you know what? I feel great.
I really wish that I had gotten myself under control earlier, before I’d gained so much weight. But the important thing is that I’m aware of it now, and ¬†am taking better care of myself. This screen shot from my Lose It account helps keep me motivated:
Weight Loss
Maybe losing 8.6lbs in almost two months isn’t that fast or that impressive, but I definitely feel a lot better physically and emotionally with that weight gone. I want to drop about 8 more pounds, which means that if I can keep on my current place I’ll be right where I want to be by February. That’s pretty encouraging. Even more than my self-imposed threat of going back on a diet, feeling healthier and more confident motivates me to keep going when I’m feeling tired or lazy. 8.6lbs ago, I didn’t feel good about myself at all. As the weight drops off, my confidence is coming back strong. I will keep going, because I will feel amazing for it.

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