Moving and Colors

With just a couple more weeks until I move, I have a LOT to do! Yesterday Amy and I went to Home Depot and bought paint for my bedroom, our living room, and my bathroom. We then spent the afternoon working in the house, and even though we still have a lot more to do, we made some good progress. I picked a deep purple paint color for two of my bedroom walls, and a light gray for the other two. I love my colors. My room will also have brand new carpet before I move in, so everything will be clean and new.
I’m getting really excited to move into our new house. Hopefully we can have all of our painting done by this weekend, and I really need to get serious about packing some things (I haven’t packed a single box yet…bad me). I’m lucky to have Amy, who has gotten a ton of work done at the house while I’ve been at work. We get along so well, I can already tell she’s going to be amazing as a roommate.
I’m not anticipating that it’s going to take me long to pack my things. I didn’t bring that much with me when I moved into my apartment last year, and I’m going to be even more selective about what goes with me to Kirkland. Non-essentials are going to be thrown away or donated. I’m even going to be extra-picky about what clothes I take, because I don’t want my closet to be so stuffed full of clothes that I can’t find anything!
My boyfriend got me these really neat plastic storage bins to keep my shoes in. They’re designed to fit under my bed, and they have little wheels on the bottoms so that I can easily pull them out from under my bed, pick my shoes for the day, and slide them back. He even braved Walmart to get them for me. I loves him!
Amy and I are really lucky to have the house we’re renting. It’s all one story, good size for two people without being overwhelming. It’s in a fantastic neighborhood and it’s close to the freeway for me (I’ll be gaining a commute from Kirkland to Everett, but at least I’ll be going against traffic both ways).
We still have so much to do, but I cannot wait to move in!

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