Places I Love: Agua Verde Paddle Club

It’s early summer in Seattle, and last weekend the weather was warm enough to indulge in one of my favorite summer activities: kayaking! I am far from an experienced kayaker, but I do like to get out on the water a couple times each summer. I think kayaking is a lot of fun, and it’s also good exercise!
I went with my boyfriend and a couple of good friends to Agua Verde Paddle Club, a great place to rent kayaks and also to grab food afterwards. From Agua Verde’s docks, you can paddle around Lake Union and see the city skyline and the houseboats that surround the lake, or you can go toward Lake Washington and check out the Arboretum. We opted for Lake Union, and it was beautiful! We did get rained on for a bit, but since I usually end up getting splashed and soaked every time I kayak anyway, it didn’t really matter to me.
Agua Verde 5
After our kayaking adventure, I changed into dry pants (I’m telling you, I always get soaked!) and we went to the Agua Verde Cafe for a post-kayaking lunch. I actually discovered the cafe before I kayaked at Agua Verde, on a vacation to Seattle back in 2008. From that first experience to my lunch last weekend, the food has always been fantastic. Agua Verde serves fresh, authentic Mexican food, and the generous portion sizes are perfect for famished kayakers. The restaurant is casual, brightly painted, and offers a beautiful view of the lake. You order at the counter, then pick a place to sit. Food is brought out to you in record time. My two favorite menu items are the Puerco Burrito (I get a side of guacamole with it and it tastes soooo good!) and the Pollo Tacos, which are topped with an amazing cranberry slaw. Both are delicious!
Whether you’re craving delicious Mexican food, adventure, or a bit of both, Agua Verde definitely offers it. I plan on making it back at least a couple more times this summer!

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