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It’s really kind of overwhelming to me that we’ve already reached the last week in February. My life has been so busy since the start of the year that I’ve barely had time to squeeze everything in, let alone stop and take a breath.¬†Things have changed a LOT for me in the past few months, so this seems like a good time for one of those general life-update type posts.
Professionally, I’ve had a lot going on after two of my coworkers and friends decided to leave the company in January. I’m happy for them for pursuing new things, but I miss them both terribly. We try to get together and catch up, but it’s really not the same as seeing someone five days a week. For awhile I was scrambling to keep up with their workloads as well as my own, and I’m proud to say that I never once lost my mind or went running through the building whilst shrieking. On the bright side, we have two amazing new team members that were hired a few weeks ago, and I’ve been busy helping out with their training.
Before I knew that things were about to get crazy at work, I signed up for two classes this semester instead of my usual one. I know that two classes doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you work full-time, it really is! I’m studying math and sociology, and am actually really enjoying both courses. Things are up in the air as far as how much my company will be contributing for tuition assistance in the coming months, so I’m not sure what will happen for me education-wise after this semester. I really can’t afford classes without the assistance, and I’m very hesitant to take out student loans. For now I’m just hoping that the tuition program will remain relatively unchanged and I’ll be able to finish my degree.
My personal life has had some major changes too. Last November, after a lot of very difficult soul-searching, I decided to end my nine-year relationship and move out on my own. I got an apartment in December and am slowly making it feel like home. Since deciding to make this life change, I’ve definitely learned a lot about the different people in my life and the role they play. Sadly, a few people I considered to be my closest friends were anything but, and I learned some valuable lessons with that experience. But I was also amazed at the extent to which most of my friends were there for me, and I wouldn’t have made it through this experience without them. I also made some great new friends along the way that I’m very grateful to have!
Although things were pretty crazy and overwhelming for awhile, I’m happy to say that my life is returning to a quiet routine. For the most part, things are going well and I am content.

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