The Fabulous Life of Lauren Lien

When it comes to getting what she wants out of life, Lauren Lien isn’t afraid to risk it all. This self-professed brazen brunette has fearlessly pursued her dreams, following her heart not just around the country but around the world. Despite encounters with her share of setbacks, Lauren has pushed forward and built up what she calls The Fab Life, a mantra for her persistence in living a life in which she refuses to settle for anything less than all she’s ever wanted.
I met Lauren in a high school Spanish class, and reconnected with her via social media when we were both in our twenties. When she began writing her blog, The Fabulous Life of Lauren Lien, in 2011, I was curious and subscribed to it so that I could read her posts and see what she had to say. What I had expected was that I would appreciate the enthusiasm for life and positive energy that is the essence of Lauren, and I was not disappointed. What I hadn’t expected was to be so wholeheartedly inspired by this person who was willing to put her whole heart and soul into pursuing her passions, but that’s exactly what I found.

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Fearless and Fabulous

I reached out to Lauren, asking her if she would mind doing an interview with me for my blog, and she very sweetly said yes. So, in the midst of getting engaged and moving to a new home in a new country, Lauren very kindly answered my questions and made this post possible. Check out the interview below, as well as Lauren’s blog. I hope you will be as inspired by her as I am!
You have both a blog and a mantra, “The Fabulous Life of Lauren Lien”. What inspired the inception of the Fab Life?
In college, my girlfriends and I used to sit around and watch VH1’s “The Fabulous Life” ; it became a silly habit to mock me and “The Fabulous Life of Lauren Lien”. For what reason, I have no idea cause back then I had nothing except dorm bedding, a mini fridge and dreams…haha
The real Fab Life mantra is inspired by my personal belief that something magical will always happen to those who wait and those who work for it. It’s in that moment that you are assured of “The Fabulous Life”.
Could you give me an idea of where you are now in life, what you’re up to and how things are going?
On June 3rd of this year, I became engaged to my first love, Johny, where he proposed at the Dead Sea in Jordan. That day forever changed my life and direction I said “yes” on holy, historic waters to the love of my life through the most fairytale proposal imagined. That memory altered my outlook and my focus. I just was overwhelmed knowing there is so much in the world I have not seen and I don’t know…I wanted that to change.
In August I moved to the United Arab Emirates (unofficially, until you have a resident visa) and started my long search for a career here, since my fiancé works in the UAE. Never in a million years could you have told me I would be living in the Middle East. To visit here only sounded like a dream. However, that’s the magic of life and how you really need to be open to possibilities of the unimaginable and allow it to lead you to your destiny. Needless to say, I am going through all kinds of changes, which I can write a whole story in itself!!!
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A newly engaged, blissfully happy Lauren and Johny.

Did you always have such a positive outlook on your life, or were there events that led up to a change in perspective?
I am an eternal optimist. Always have and always be. Not sure why…my mother believes it has something to do with how badly she wanted to get pregnant and being the first born, how much love and affection was showered my way….not sure if its nature vs. nurture here. My faith is what keeps me strong and certain that everything will always work out, in time.
How have things changed for you since you adopted the Fab Life philosophy?
I had no idea that my blog would develop fans and actual readers…that has truly affected my leadership and being immaculate with my words.  I think my journey has gotten more interesting. Something’s better, something’s worse – but I always focus and share without malicious intent and maintain privacy while getting the point across.  Sometimes we get lost in the details and forget the message. That is what I try to avoid.
What advice would you give to people who want to embark on their own Fabulous Life Journey?
Rule #1, never give up. The hardest lesson in life to learn is when to go a different direction or when to keep pushing through when you experience road blocks. You must learn through experience and following your own gut. Rule #2, is to always stand up for yourself. Countless times people have let me down and didn’t have my back. That’s when you have to know your worth and stand up for yourself.  We call this self love.  Rule #3, be patient. Anything worth having in this world is worth fighting for AND waiting for. That’s a promise.
In life, we all have bad days, setbacks, and sometimes even tragedy. How are you able to keep a positive outlook when going through not-so-fun times?
I go through these times, in my opinion more than most cause of all the risks I take. However, I maintain optimism by constantly reading, listening and meeting other trailblazers, listening to their journey. I find that it literally refuels my inspiration tank. Most importantly staying close to my faith and grounded by my family and close friends always sets me back on track. A support system is critical.
Your blog, The Fabulous Life of Lauren Lien, has had almost 7,000 hits since its inception in 2011. What inspired you to start the blog, and what has been your favorite part of writing it?
I started the blog as a writing exercise. It is my dream to one day author published work (screenplays, books, maybe even have my own column) so it was no intention to achieve a status in the blogging world. Now that it has some clout, I do look to see what opportunities are there and how I can evolve my idea into something more…
What’s next in the Fab Life for you?
After I get settled in the United Arab Emirates, I plan to travel and explore the world as much as possible since this area is an interesting jumping off point. I would love to transform “The Fabulous Life of Lauren Lien” into an online magazine or shared multimedia blog with my better half, Johny. Where we educate others through our travels and provide other inspiring elements…still in the brainstorming phase, but we will see where life takes us!

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  1. Dearest Veronica, I could not feel more honored by this incredible post. So well written! You have much to be proud! Thank you for sharing my mantra in hopes to inspire others and leading as a powerful brave woman! xoxo keep going!

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