Throwback Thursday: Gothic Style

A Blonde V
So, this is me. I’m blonde (well, I dye my hair blonde, anyway). I wear makeup every day, and I have a wardrobe that mostly consists of professional office attire. However, this wasn’t always my fashion statement. When I was in my first semester of college, I faded to black, so to speak….I was what would be best described as Goth.
Gothic fashion is a clothing style that consists of a dark, sometimes morbid, style of dress.Typical Gothic fashion would include a pale complexion paired with dark hair and nails, dark makeup (worn by both men and women) and dark clothes. During my Goth phase I had quite a few male friends that would sport black nail polish and even black eyeliner.
A Goth V
This is a picture of me at the height of my Gothic phase. Although I never dyed my naturally-light hair black, I did sport all-black clothes, dark makeup, and black nail polish. I loved the style and thought it was very freeing to shake up my girl-next-door image with band T-shirts and pants with chains on them.
Although my look was dark, I was far from depressed. In fact, I remember this period in my life to be one of the most carefree and fun times I’ve had. It was the first time in my eighteen years that I’d done and worn what I wanted without caring at all what others thought of me. It was during my Goth phase that I realized that fashion was fun, and that clothes could make a statement about who I am instead of helping me blend into the crowd. Daring to express myself in a not-so-common style helped me come into my own and develop a sense of self-confidence and individuality.
The black clothes and dark makeup are long gone, and over the last ten years I’ve experimented with many different hair colors and dress styles. I’ve found that I ultimately prefer my nails to be manicured to acrylic perfection, and I would rather sport light, pretty makeup than I would thick black eyeliner. But I still look back fondly on the days when my wardrobe came from Hot Topic and I delighted in being different.
How have you experimented with different fashion styles over the years?

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