Fun Friday Fashion!

I’m not a fashion blogger, and normally I don’t write about what I wear because I don’t consider myself to be all that stylish…and I’m certainly not a trendsetter. I work in an environment that requires professional dress, so my outfits usually consist of dress slacks and a sweater in the wintertime. But when I read my friend Kate’s post Menswear Inspired, I decided ┬áto give the look a try.
I built my outfit around a red blazer that I’d gotten years ago to wear with a skirt to my sister’s high school graduation. I’d kept the blazer, in spite of the fact that I’d never worn it again after that day. For the menswear inspired look, I decided to pair the blazer with a lacy cream-colored top and skinny jeans. I finished off the look with a pair of cherry-printed flats. I kept my jewelry minimal and opted for a pair of dangly earrings. Here’s how the look turned out:
Interestingly, though I bought the blazer in 2005 and the lacy shirt in 2012, both are designed by Wrapper. My flats are Melrose Ave, and they are old…I bought them from Mervyn’s before it went out of business.
This outfit was definitely out of my style comfort zone, and I was pleased with the good feedback I got and with how comfy the outfit was! I also liked that I was able to put together a brand new look with pieces I already had in my closet instead of going out and buying all new clothes (not that I don’t enjoy getting new clothes, because I definitely do!).

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