Paul and I just returned from a trip to Maui! We decided to escape the gloomy, rainy Northwest winter weather for a week, and headed off to Hawaii for some sunshine and fun.
We flew first-class on Alaska Airlines, which is seriously the only way to fly. The morning we flew out, we enjoyed breakfast in Alaska’s Executive Boardroom, where we were treated to free drinks and food (among other things, they had a pancake machine that produced organic, 97% fat free pancakes…only 160 calories for 2!). Once we boarded our flight, we were given another round of drinks, followed by a delicious breakfast once we were airborne. The first class seating was roomy and comfortable, and by the time we landed on Maui I definitely felt like I was on vacation.
We checked into our condo (we are owners through Worldmark), which was located in the town of Kihei. Once we checked in, we drove north for dinner and some shopping in Lahaina, which has a great downtown atmosphere as well as a giant banyan tree that covers a full acre.
Sunday morning, we got up early to catch a boat and do some whale watching with the Pacific Whale Foundation. PWF is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 1980 to save whales from extinction. I definitely recommend them for whale watching tours because they give you tons of great information about the whales, as well as being great at finding them!

On Monday we loaded up for a different type of adventure…we drove up to the summit of Haleakala¬†to watch the sunrise. It was cold up there, not what you’d think when you think of Hawaii…but the view was breathtaking. If you’re going to head up for sunrise, I recommend taking a flashlight (being able to see where you’re going is always fun), wearing warm clothes (think layers…you’ll definitely need a jacket!), and a nice big thermos of hot coffee. Being a little cold is totally worth it for the view you’ll get at 10,000 feet!

Paul and I at sunrise…do we look cold?
On Tuesday, we went to Makena Landing for an early-morning kayak and snorkeling tour. While we waited on the beach (we arrived a little early), we saw some dolphins playing and jumping, as well as a sea turtle. I was already excited at the marine life we were seeing. Then we got to head out in kayaks, which Paul and I love doing. We paddled out a ways, then we put on our snorkel gear and dove off the boats to do a little swimming and snorkeling. We got to see more turtles, lots of brightly colored fish, and even an octopus! Paul liked snorkeling so much that he rented gear for the rest of the week and spent some time nearly every day out snorkeling, seeing turtles and fish.
Wednesday, we embarked on the epic drive on the Road to Hana. The drive is just as beautiful as those who have done it before us described, and I would say that it is best done in a convertible (we had a convertible Mustang). We saw some fantastic waterfalls and, once we made it into Hana, a great black sand beach. My tip to anyone doing the drive to Hana is to get yourself a room in Hana for the night, rather than trying to drive there and back in a day. If you don’t break up the drive, I think you’ll miss some great sights and feel a little too stressed out. Paul and I opted to stay at the Travaasa Resort. To say that this place was the lap of luxury is understating it big time. The staff treats you like you’re Hawaiian royalty, the grounds are beautiful, and the amenities are never-ending. I could definitely get used to resort living (pocketbook allowing, of course). We had planned on getting up early Thursday morning and heading out to catch sunrise before making our way to the Seven Sacred Pools, but we woke up to driving rain. So we changed our plans, slept in, then sat out on our covered patio with coffee and the loaf of fresh banana bread that the resort had provided us. Once the rain eased up, we checked out and resumed our drive, stopping here and there to look at some beautiful waterfalls.

We stopped for a hike when we reached the Seven Sacred Pools, also known as the O’heo Gulch Pools. Spoiler alert, there are not seven pools and they are not sacred. The Gulch was renamed in this fashion to attract tourists. That said, the waterfalls cascading into pools are breathtakingly beautiful and definitely worth a visit.
When you read about the Road to Hana, you’ll find story upon story about how you can’t continue the whole way around the island, how it’s treacherous and you’ll get stuck, how you’ll have to sign something in your rental car agreement saying you aren’t covered if you go that way, blah blah blah. Truth is, the road is not all that bumpy (if you’ve ever driven on gravel, you can handle this), and even the gravel portions are maintained. There was nothing in our rental car contract saying we couldn’t drive on that road, and we had no problem getting the Mustang around the island that way. People who turn around and go back the way they came are missing out, because contrary to the rumors the backside of the island is very scenic and lovely.

Don’t worry, there’s nothing to be scared of.
Friday was our last full day in Maui, so we spent the morning on the beach (me alternating between sunbathing and swimming, Paul snorkeling), before heading into town for one last lunch at one of our favorite places to eat, 808 Deli in Kihei. Go there for the best sandwich you’ve ever had in your life (my personal favorite was the Porkie, which was pulled pork with mango salsa and pepperjack cheese). Then we went back to our condo to get cleaned up and ready for our sunset cruise, which we charted through Alii Nui Maui (we booked it at Maui Dive Shop when Paul rented snorkels). There weren’t any clouds so the sunset itself wasn’t the most spectacular one we’d seen, but the atmosphere on the catamaran was relaxing and romantic. We had drinks and a nice dinner, and one guy named Tom took control of the microphone at one point to propose to his girlfriend Valerie. He’d even hired a photographer and snuck him on the boat. This particular proposal is not my style at all, as I would not want that many strangers around me congratulating me, but hey, good for Tom and Valerie. I was just happy to drink too many Mai Tais and have some delicious food and white chocolate macadamia nut cookies for dessert!
We had a fantastic vacation and we are already talking about going back to Hawaii. There was so much to see and do that we couldn’t squeeze everything into a week!

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