A Scarily Good Time

Yesterday was Halloween! I must admit, I love Halloween. Costumes and candy…what’s not to like?
For work, I didn’t really get all that creative. No one in my work group seemed overly enthusiastic about dressing up, but I couldn’t NOT wear a costume. I have a small box with some wigs and other Halloween attire and as I rummaged through it a few days ago I came up with my old Grocery Outlet apron, which still had my nametag in the pocket. I worked at Grocery Outlet as an after-school job in high school and for a little while in college. It was actually a really fun job that I enjoyed. I decided to resurrect the outfit and went to work as a grocery store cashier.

My costume was cute enough, but I admit I got trounced by the call center admin who came as Honey Boo Boo. You can read about her Halloween adventures here.
After work I headed to Zumba, where the stakes for a good costume were much higher as the winner of the Zumba costume contest would get ten class passes. My friend Angela had constructed a really creative costume for herself and two others during work, and she brought the costume along to Zumba and asked me to join in, along with our other friend Kate. The three of us were Rock Paper Scissors.

The costume was really cute and fun! We haven’t heard who the winner of the costume contest was yet but we are very hopeful!
Halloween, in my opinion, was a great success. I had a blast!

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