Welcome to My New Site! (with life updates)

So I haven’t written in awhile…after finding the options for enhancing my blog to be rather limited, I opted to switch to WordPress. At the recommendation of my fabulous friend Kate Retherford, I asked her very awesome friend Jon if he would be willing to help me with my site. He agreed, and has been beyond amazing in the process of switching over my site. I’m really excited with how everything looks! Please feel free to browse around my new and improved site and let me know what you think!
So what have I been up to since I’ve last written?
A few weeks ago, I traded in my Elantra on a Prius. I am in serious Prius love. The new car is dark blue, has all the nice features I like, and is getting a consistent 50mpg. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase and maybe, just maybe, I’ll keep this car a little longer.

Earlier this month, I went with Kate and some other friends from Zumba to the Puyallup Fair. I had never been to a big fair like it before (although my mom did tell me afterwards that she and my dad did take me to the small fair in Victorville once) so I was really excited. We had tickets for the rodeo and for a ‘Dancin’ in the Dirt’ concert after that. The rodeo wasn’t until the evening, so we arrived around lunchtime to have some fair food, wander through all the booths, and watch a round of Mutton Bustin’ (little kids riding sheep).The day as a whole was spectacular. The weather was phenomenal, the friends I went with are some of my favorite people, and I looooved the rodeo, especially the barrel racing and bucking horses!
Yesterday, Paul and I went out kayaking for the first time this year. We always rent kayaks at the Agua Verde Paddle Club in Seattle. When you paddle out, you have the option of going over to Lake Union or staying on Lake Washington. We chose the latter, and spent a blissful hour paddling around the Arboretum, seeing the plants, the lily pads scattered across the surface of the water (Paul sweetly gave me a beautiful lily), and watching the many ducks swim, play, and fish.

My lily.
It feels great to be back to blogging, and now that my new site is up my goal is to get back to at least a couple posts a week. Welcome to the new, very much improved V in the Northwest!

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