Apparently I Am a Hoarder

This weekend has been all about cleanliness and orginization. Yesterday, I cleaned the house from top to bottom while Paul worked in the garage, ripping down the flimsy old shelving on the walls and replacing it with much better shelves he built. I finally have hope that someday my car can live in the garage.

So this morning I finally decided I couldn’t stand the chaos anymore and cleaned out my purse. Although I knew it was going to be a mess, I had no idea just how much stuff I’d managed to stash in a medium-sized Coach bag.

I found:

My wallet
My sunglasses
My work badge
Two checkbooks for two different bank accounts
A planner from 2011
A notepad
Two Macy’s gift cards
A TJ Maxx gift card
A Barnes N Noble Gift Card
Appointment reminder cards for my next hair and dentist appointments
One mitten
A CWA pin
A Frontier pin
A little travel size box of floss
Ear drops
Two lipsticks
Nail clippers
Three tubes of lip gloss
A hairbush
My iPod
Two packs of gum
Five pens
A towlette from Famous Dave’s
A compact
My camera
Green body glitter
Seven bracelets
Two necklaces
Two hair clips
My car keys
Six pairs of earrings
Three earrings with no mates
Ear drops
$2.03 in change
Two pieces of two different pairs of sunglasses that have broken
Nine mints/hard candies
A small plunger for administering medicine to cats
An empty container for Qtips
A small tube of lotion
A chip clip
Some gum wrappers and misc. trash
A refund check from overpayment on our old landline phone that I haven’t cashed yet
A coupon for free oatmeal at Starbucks

I cleaned everything out and put a  lot of stuff away. I’m thinking a good reward for my hard work should be a new purse as incentive to keep things tidy.

Anyone want to gift a new Coach purse? Anyone?

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