To Catch Up

I’ve neglected my little blog for so long, I really don’t even know how to jump back in or what to write about. So I’m just going to do it.

My haitus began when we left for our vacation to Las Vegas/So Cal the last week in October. That trip? Was a blast. We went to Vegas to celebrate Paul’s parents’ 40th wedding anniversary. They have what I hope Paul and I will have, years down the road. To celebrate this anniversary, they invited family and friends to come to Vegas with them and party, so we did.

While we were in Vegas, Paul and I decided that in lieu of plunking all of our hundreds of dollars into slot machines, we wanted to do something memorable. It was Paul who had the idea to go skydiving. I admit I was nervous (read: really freaking terrified), but I also knew I wouldn’t regret doing it. We went to the Boulder City Airport, signed waiver forms with the word DANGER printed in big bold letters on each page, suited up, and were ready to go.

Winds were really heavy that day and there were delays between groups of skydivers. I was getting more anxious that they’d tell us we couldn’t do it, and that we’d miss our shot. I’d gotten up the nerve, I was here, I was ready, I wanted to do it. Luckily, we were able to make our jump.

Skydiving is one of the very coolest things I’ve ever done. One of the things I love about Paul is that he challenges me to do things I never thought possible. I’ve done so many things with him that I never would have done on my own, including jumping out of what many people have called a “perfectly good plane”. I was very glad to have the experience, and glad to share it with him.

We spent the last half of our week in the High Desert, visiting family. My mom’s retired now, so I got to see more of her than I did last trip. A lot of things have changed. My sister has a new job working on the Marine base, and she has a┬áreally nice boyfriend. My brother and his girlfriend are in the process of buying their first home, and I went with him one afternoon and peeked in windows. My dad’s still working three hours away, in Santa Barbara, but he came home on Saturday and we got to spend the whole day together.

It’s always hard to leave. I miss my family a lot, but we text and talk on the phone. I am sad I won’t get to see them this year for the holidays. We will get to see Paul’s mom and dad though, they’re flying up on Christmas morning to spend a week and a half with us. I think that’ll be a lot of fun.

I returned to work on Halloween, sporting a nice feathery halo on my head (I was an angel). In my absence, my mischevious coworkers had overturned fifteen pounds of rice into one of my desk drawers and hidden various items throughout the rice, so I got the fun task of digging for my things. Here’s the video:

So now we’re home, and I’m counting down to the next round of fun. On November 18th, I have tickets to a two-hour Zumba class with Zumba star Kass Martin. A ton of people I know are going and it should be awesome. Then comes Thanksgiving. Paul and I are headed to Canada for the holiday for a relaxing, though short, getaway. After that, it really will be the Christmas season (yes, retail stores, I know that for you the Christmas season has been in full swing since Labor Day).

The end of the year is approaching fast.

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