4th of July 2011

4th of July has always been one of my favorite holidays. I love the bbqs, the parties, the fireworks. Even though we lived in Washington last year, we took a whirlwind trip back to Cali to spend the holiday with our families and it was just like old times. This year, I was a little afraid that I’d be bummed out, since we’d be missing out on traditional fun. To make things even more glum, I’d caught a terrible cold and spent most of Saturday in bed.

I shouldn’t have worried, because Paul had it covered. On Sunday he bought tickets so we could go to the Mariners game. I absolutely love going to Safeco field for games. There’s just something about being at the ballpark, Safeco in particular, that is so refreshing and fun. I love our seats, with a great view of the game and also the city in the background. I love when trains go through and I can hear the whistle. I love the greasy, bad, delicious food. This time Paul and I discovered pulled pork bbq nachos. All they were, were cheap tortilla chips covered in pulled pork, cheese sauce, and bbq sauce. Paul and I got our grub on, and he said he could make a better version at home with pepperjack cheese and some better quality chips.

During the game, the sun came out and the weather was warm. By the end, we decided to forgo the bus ride and walk back to the car (we parked about a mile away to save money on downtown parking). I love walking in downtown Seattle. Just being in that city reminds me of how much I love living here. By the time we got to the car, I realized I definitely should have worn sunscreen, as I’d gotten rather fried in the sun. But when we left home, it had been cold and raining pretty hard, so I didn’t think of it.

After the game we went to Azteca, one of our favorite Mexican restaurants, for dinner. We each had a great dinner and a couple margaritas, then went across the street to the movie theater to relax. We saw “Bad Teacher”, which is raunchy yet hilarious. I love that Cameron Diaz looks so fresh-faced and innocent and yet says such naughty, naughty words.

Monday was the Fourth of July. The weather was beautiful, so we set out for a nice day drive in Paul’s convertible. He drove down to Mukilteo, and we took the ferry boat across to Whidbey Island. It’s a short crossing, but pleasant, with nice views of a park on the Mukilteo side and of beautiful homes on the beach on the Whidbey Island side. Once across, Paul drove up island to Deception Pass. There was a park with beach access, so we drove in and had a picnic lunch on the beach. Not suprisingly on a holiday weekend, the place was packed. I had a great time people watching and munching on the picnic we’d brought.

By the time we got home, I was exhausted and happy. I was in bed and asleep by eight-thirty, so for the first time in my memory I didn’t watch fireworks on the Fourth of July. But I don’t mind, because I had a great time over the weekend with Paul.

Now I’m counting down to my twenty-seventh birthday on the 14th! I’m kicking off the celebrating by going to Tacoma on Friday for a New Kids on the Block/Backstreet Boys concert with my aunt and cousins. I’m really excited about the show and about spending time with family. I can’t wait for Friday to get here!

The next week is going to be amazing!

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