It’s Saturday, it’s snowing, and I’m at work. Today has been a pleasant contrast to the hectic days I’ve had since I’ve been back at work.

The Jeop Desk is officially coming to a close next week. Our last day together is March 1st, which is Tuesday. After that, the other CSSC people and I will be part of the IHD team (escalations team, support for sales people). The other people from other departments are either going back to their regular jobs or being put into new positions as the fiber technical support team takes over the work that the Jeop Desk has been doing.

This last week, it’s felt like we’re graduating from high school: everyone’s moving on to different things, our time together is limited, and we’ll never be together in a group like this again. I haven’t spent too much time dwelling on it, because I know it’ll make me sad. I’ve made a lot of good friends and learned a lot since August, and even though we always knew it was temporary, I didn’t know just how bummed I’d be to see it go.

For myself, I feel that if this were high school graduation, I would be one of the ones looking forward to a bright future, moving on to exciting things. There is talk of me transitioning from Jeop Desk to IHD permanently, not just for March, and I’m beyond excited. Almost a year ago when we moved here, I applied for IHD and didn’t get the position. If I do now, then I’ll have accomplished a goal. I will have proved myself.

I feel confident that good things are on the horizon for me. In the last seven months, I’ve found out what it’s like to both excel at and love my job. I wake up in the morning and get ready, without the pit of dread in my stomach knowing that I’m going someplace I can’t stand to be. I enjoy my work now, and I get satisfaction from it.

Things are good, and I’m optimistic that they will only get better.

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