Trip To Leavenworth

I had a tough week,so today Paul seemed to set out to make it better. We got up and he loaded me into the Jeep and drove us along Highway 2 to Leavenworth, so that we could see snow. Leavenworth is a Bavarian town, and today it was decked out in Christmas decorations and there was a holiday festival going on. I even saw a guy dressed as a reindeer in Starbucks! We were starving and had a quick lunch at a little brewpub. After that we took a walk through the riverfront park. I loved walking through the park with Paul in the snow. It was beautiful and romantic and perfect.
On the way home, we did a little off roading (well, this time of year it’s off roading, since the dirt road we were driving on was covered in inches of snow), and found a place to park the Jeep and take a picture together that I can send out with Christmas cards. Tomorrow I need to get motivated, order the pictures and pick them up, buy cards, and get everything in the mail.
I’m going to California for four days, leaving in two weeks. My dad and I have been planning the trip, which falls during my mom’s birthday, since September. Today we finally broke the news to her. She was so excited, she started crying. Of course I don’t want my mom to cry, but it was great that she was so surprised. And even though I’ll miss Paul for those days, it’ll be great to see my family.

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