Hey look! It’s me!!


In my blog!!

I know there hasn’t been a lot of that lately, and that anything I have posted may or may not have been, arguably, substantial. I’m living my life, I’m just not taking the time to actually write about it. Which I am going to try to turn over a new leaf and correct.


Not that anyone ever promises to reopen a neglected blog.


Okay, so anyhoo, that said, life has been really busy. I’m on loan for six months out of sales, on what is called the Fios Jeop Desk. In layman’s terms, this means that I take orders that need changing rightthisverysecond or fix ones that have something wrong with them, like wrong address or something else mildly important. I’ve been there a month and am loving the feeling of loving my job.

I also just completed my second course toward my bachelor’s degree. I don’t like school. If it weren’t for the stigma of being a dropout (again) I would probably quit because it’s nonsense. Bachelor’s degree programs at my college require group activities and projects, which I have already stated I feel is stupid because I’m taking online courses specifically because I don’t have time to rely on other people to do work. In my last class the final project was a PowerPoint presentation, which was frusterating because my teammates had no freaking clue how to use PowerPoint. This I find incredulous. I certainly don’t expect everyone to know how to use it, but I do expect students who had to complete several presentations before they earned their Associate’s degrees to have a firm grip on the fundamentals. My classes now are only five weeks long and I feel I could really take two at a time, except that I don’t have the patience to deal with two different learning teams at a time. As it goes right now I’m staggering my classes, taking a month off between each one. I didn’t actually plan this, but I took July off because we had multiple little trips planned and I didn’t want to worry about schoolwork, and I’m taking September off for our vacation to Canada.

So yes, I have been busy.

Today was my first day off by myself since I went on the Jeop Desk. I got up early to take the Azera in for an oil change, since it’s the car we’re taking on vacation. I was pleased that there was no wait at Grease Monkey and even more pleased when they accomplished the oil changing in under twenty minutes. I was less than pleased, however, when I walked out through the rain to my car and found that they’d left the driver’s side window down. Nice, guys. No, no, a little water never hurt anything, but that doesn’t mean I want today’s showers scattered all over my leather interior. Fail, Grease Monkey.

Other than that, today was pleasant. I got my hair cut (too short, by Paul’s standards apparently) and had a nice pedicure. I got some new clothes for our trip and am sort of ready to go back to work tomorrow.

After all, I’m actually going to a job I like.

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