Shiiiiny Shoes

When I was 19, I went shopping at the Ontario Mills Mall with my friend Jen. Among the stores we browsed was Skechers, where we fell in love with what we would deem our “shiiiiny shoes” (you have to draw it out when you say it). They were white sneakers with two shiny colored stripes on each side. Mine were blue, Jenn’s were gray. Of course, my shiiiny shoes are long dead, as I am murder on white sneakers.
But now, I have new ones.
Saturday was cold, rainy, and boring, so I found myself in the Lady Foot Locker at the Everett Mall. I was actually there because I’d glimpsed a pair of pink Adidas earlier in the week and was thinking I needed to own them. Much to my disappointment, the pink shoes I’d sought were not nearly as cute up close and I didn’t really want them.
And that’s when I spotted them….the shiiiiny shoes.
Adidas makes a very similar style of shoe as my old Skechers, but sports three colored stripes each side instead of two. They are called Adidas Superstars and I loved them in high school. But on Saturday in Foot Locker, I found the ONLY shiny silver ones I’d ever seen. I was thrilled. And they were on sale, so of course I just had to have them.
I love my new shiiiiny shoes. If I weren’t poor as all hell I would buy Jenn a pair so she could have shiiiny shoes again too.

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