Countdown: Two Days Before Movers

Yesterday, I unhooked the tv.

Well, let me back up there. I didn’t simply unhook the tv. See, my television is a massive flat-screen Sony that Paul had mounted above the fireplace. He had drilled holes in the wall, running cables through into our bedroom closet on the other side of said wall so that viewers in the living room would not be distracted by wires. Next to the fireplace is a skinny alcove, which Paul had custom-built shelves for. On these shelves (until recently) our dvd player, satellite receiver, Apple tv, and audio receiver sat quite comfortably. He’d drilled holes in the wall behind them too, connecting everything in our closet. Then he’d built a large panel for the closet to hide everything and voila! we had a beautiful living room settup.

When it came time to undo all this, it was necessary to have people on either side of the wall, one in the living room and one in the closet, to pull out all the wiring and disconnect everything. Then it took my mom, brother, sister, and I to get the tv down off the wall mount. That thing is very, very heavy.

All this work is the reason that I am now tv deprived. My bed is also dismantled, leaving me to sleep on a mattress and box spring resting on the floor in my guest room. It wasn’t actually so bad, it was just odd sleeping that low to the ground in a room I’m not familiar with sleeping in. My once super-comfy house is now a maze of boxes and random pieces that used to be furniture.

I wake up this morning with a stuffy nose and achy body. Perhaps this is a combination of reactions to the hard work I did yesterday (thank goodness for family and friends that come over to help!) and the suddenly-freezing weather we’re having. Over the last two weeks I’ve joked that So Cal is trying to convince me to stay by being absolutely gorgeous, sunny, and warm. The flowers are in bloom and everything looks all pretty and spring like. But yesterday, a cold front was blown in by an icy wind. Certain areas of the High Desert got snow and it was altogether NOT WARM. I had slept under three layers of blankies, in my green flannel froggie jammies (sexy, no?).

I’m tired and blah and I don’t wanna go to work. Work bad. Work make me do stuff. Don’t like work. Want to sleep.

In my room, the mattress is leaned up against the wall and the various pieces of the bedframe are stacked. The cats take great pleasure in climbing up the mattress and perching at the top. I try to catch them at it so I can take a video of them doing it, but they are apparently camera shy. If further attempts prove more successful, I’ll upload the video.

Sighing, I get up and drag myself to the bathroom to get ready for work. Yaaay, work!

I just need to survive the day.

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