Goals for August

August has arrived, as well as what is apparently annual fire season in Washington now. Yesterday the haze from fires on the eastern side of the state rolled in and the sky had a red tinge to it. It’s very difficult living in a condo with no air conditioning when the air quality is so bad that I can’t have the windows open, but we have fans and our portable AC running and so far it’s not too uncomfortable. The weather quality is a little better today, so I should at least be able to take my afternoon walk.

I’m not feeling terribly creative as far as making goals for August. Air quality permitting, I really just want to spend a lot of time outside and enjoy the rest of summer. I love fall in the Northwest and I’m looking forward to it, but I do want to soak up these last few weeks of our summer! With that said, here are my August goals:

Follow my calorie cycling and average 1,500 calories per day. I love my newfound calorie cycling method to calorie counting and I want to keep practicing what I learned in the 30-Day Challenge I participated in. I got very close in July with my average calories, at 1,563 per day, but I think I can tweak my eating a little bit and get myself down to the average of 1,500 per day that I want for myself.

Walk an average of 10,000 steps per day. I still think this is doable! I’m going to try and be more intentional about walking and getting my steps in each day. One thing that hurt my step count slightly in July was that there were multiple days when either Bill or I’s work schedule didn’t allow us to take our normal walking route, so we did an abbreviated one instead. While I’m proud of us for at least going for a short walk instead of scrapping it altogether, what I’d really like to do is supplement with an evening walk if we aren’t able to do our normal one at lunchtime.

Log my weight daily. The more data I collect about my daily weight, the more accurate the month-to-month data will be, and I want to be able to see trends.

Lose 5 pounds. Yep, I’m setting an official weight-loss goal for myself for August. Bill and I have a trip planned to Hermosa Beach in October, and I want to be at least ten pounds down by then. On August 1st I weighed in at 146lbs so on September 1st I want to be 141lbs (or possibly less, less would be very good too).