January Recap and Goals for February

I’m behind in writing this post, as it’s already the 11th of February. I did manage to end January at my goal of five pounds down, but between Saturday being sick and work getting extremely busy, I haven’t done a great job of staying on track. Admittedly I have been avoiding the scale, so I don’t know if I’ve managed to maintain my weight loss. But, I’m choosing to recommit to my new healthy lifestyle today, and I’m not dwelling on a couple of not-so-great weeks.

Starting today, my goals for the remainder of February are to continue my calorie and step goals, and to resume working out five days per week. I’m also setting goals for myself to take at least a half-hour walk and hold a one-minute plank every day, and to strength-train three times per week. To kick the rest of the month off right, this morning Bill and I did the Hour of Power home workout and then I held my plank. We’re headed over to a Super Bowl party today where I’m sure there will be lots of delicious treats, and I plan to enjoy them without over-indulging.

I also did something that I’m both excited for and very intimidated by – I signed up for the St. Patrick’s Day Dash, a 5k that’s being held in Seattle on March 17th. Back in 2012, I signed up for it when I ran my first 5k, and though I was nervous back then I had a great time. This time I might be even more nervous! I’m twelve years older and a lot heavier than I was back then, so this is going to present a whole different level of physical challenge than it did the first time around. But I have over a month to prepare, so I think I can do it! My plan is to train using the Couch to 5k app. On nicer days I can run outside, and if it’s cold and rainy out I can use the treadmill at my gym.

Even though I did fall off of my fitness goals for a bit, I feel like I’m coming back strong now!

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