Week Three Goals Recap

Last week was anything but boring! After the prior weekend and the freezing pipe and flooding issues in our building, Bill and I were on high alert and feeling extra vigilant in making sure we didn’t have any issues with leaks in our home. But Wednesday night before I headed to bed, I went into the laundry room to clean litterboxes and found water all over the floor. We were able to mop up the water and found that it was seeping in through the wall, but we weren’t sure where it was coming from or why. So we called our HOA’s building maintenance and then spent a sleepless night worrying about where the leak was coming from and whether things might get worse before a plumber arrived.

Thankfully the plumbers came out first thing in the morning and they were wonderful. They cut open the wall and determined that the service line that was installed with our new washer and dryer last November was defective, and that there had been a slow leak ever since. They replaced the line and we’re able to do laundry, and assured me that another company would follow up with me to repair the wall. Because of the amount of water leaks and damage from last week’s frozen temperatures, I’m not expecting it to happen anytime soon, but that’s fine. I’m just so grateful the issue was relatively minor, and that our neighbors downstairs weren’t impacted. I have no idea how much this repair is going to ultimately cost, but I called the company that we purchased the washer and dryer from and I’m hopeful that I can be reimbursed by the installers.

Even though the week was stressful, I only went over my calories for the week by 317, so I averaged 1,545 per day. I was pretty happy with that, and even happier to be down 3lbs from the prior week! I’m down a total of 4.7lbs and that feels great. Bill assures me he’s starting to be able to see the difference, and I think I’m noticing changes too.

As for the exercise part of my goals, I didn’t do all three of my strength training workouts since I was absolutely exhausted on Thursday after not sleeping, and on Friday I ended up slammed at work. But, I did get into my barre class on Saturday morning! I forgot how hard taking two hour-long workout classes back-to-back is. But thanks to Pilates, I noticed that my range of motion through the moves feels better.

Aside from health and fitness, I’ve also been doing a pretty good job keeping up with my weekly cleaning schedule. It did get thrown off a bit when I couldn’t wash sheets and towels on Thursday while the laundry room was being worked in, but I got back on track and this week I’m confident I can stick to my schedule. I’ve also been doing some great things with organizing! I bought a shoe rack for our bedroom closet and moved all of my shoes out of clear plastic bins, so now I can find them more easily and they’re neatly stored. Bill bought and installed pull-out spice racks for one of our cabinets which makes finding the spices we want a breeze. We also tackled our pantry, which is a narrow and deep cabinet that makes it really difficult to see what’s in there. We installed metal pull-out drawers onto the shelves, and now I can easily look at each shelf’s contents! Bill caught the organization bug and ordered new shelves and bins for storage under the sink in our hall bathroom, and it’s made a big difference.

The only goal I’m woefully behind on is my reading goal, as I’ve yet to finish a book this year. But this week I’m going to make a new rule for myself that I’m not allowed to play games on my phone at bedtime anymore, so if I want to lie in bed before I’m ready to go to sleep I’m only allowed to read. Hopefully that will help!

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