Week Two Goals Recap

Like most of the country, we’re experiencing a major cold snap here in Washington. Temperatures dropped dramatically on Thursday with the arrival of a light snow (which thankfully stopped before it could really accumulate), and we’ve seen overnight temps in the teens. I was really worried that the roads would be coated with ice and that I’d be stuck at home and unable to drive to the gym, but I’m happy that it never happened and I was able to follow my usual workout routine.

On Saturday, one of the fire sprinkler pipes in our building froze and then burst. Since the sprinklers are part of the fire system, it set off the fire alarm to the building. Bill and I were home, getting ready to head over to a friend’s house to play cards, and of course when it started my hair was still wet and I wasn’t dressed yet. Bill went out into the hall to investigate whether he could see any signs of fire, while I threw clothes on and pulled cat carriers out of the front closet to grab the boys. Even though Bill came back in and reported that he didn’t see or smell anything, the alarm continued to blare, and it was obvious something was very wrong. We gathered up the cats and headed outside, standing in the parking lot and watching while we waited for the fire department. I did retrieve my car from the parking garage and left it running outside, securing the cats in the backseat, so that they wouldn’t get too cold.

It took about half an hour for the fire department to get everything secured enough that we felt okay returning to our home. By talking to neighbors, we learned about the broken pipe and that at least one condo unit had been flooded. We felt awful for our neighbors, so we unloaded our cats in our place and then headed down the hall to see if we could help at all. There was a LOT of water in the unit below the broken pipe. Using a Shop Vac, Bill and I took turns sucking up water from the floors and helping our neighbors move furniture and valuables to their living room, which somehow was free from water. We helped as much as we could, and then returned home exhausted but very thankful that our own home had been spared and that we could at least make a bad situation a tiny bit better for others.

After the drama of the evacuation and flood, all we wanted was comfort food, so we went and got pizza and drinks so that we could relax a bit. I’d love to say that this was my only splurge in my second week in January, because that would have been totally fine, but I had already gone off the rails on Wednesday when I worked from the office. I ate out for all three meals, had drinks with dinner even though I’d pledged not to do that during the week, and skipped my Wednesday night workout. But I’m pleased that I did rally and on Thursday I did both a lunchtime walk and a strength training workout.

My other hiccup for the week was that when I tried to sign up for the Saturday morning barre class, it was already full. I forgot how fast classes fill up in January at the gym. I can book spots in classes beginning fifty hours ahead of the class start time, so I now have a new alarm and reminder for Thursday mornings to wake up early enough to get into barre. But even though I didn’t get booked into that class, I did complete three strength training workouts at home last week using the Peloton app.

This morning, I weighed myself and the number was exactly the same as it was last Monday, which was no surprise since I exceeded my weekly calories by so much. But, I’m happy that I didn’t gain anything back, and I’m happy with incorporating strength training workouts into my weekly routine. And I exceeded my step goal by about a thousand steps, showing that I did get movement in.

For week three, my goals are to attend all four of my dance classes and my Pilates class, and to complete at least three strength-training workouts. I also have some tweaks I’m going to make to my diet to try and trim some calories while maximizing nutrients. For breakfast, I’ve been having two eggs scrambled with veggies and a whole wheat English muffin with butter. This week I’m going to ditch the English muffin, but add an apple as a mid-morning snack. It’s going to be another really cold week, so Bill is planning to make a big pot of chili that we can have for dinners. I feel like I have a solid plan, so hopefully this will be a good week for weight loss.

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