2024 Resolutions

It’s New Year’s Eve, and I am blissfully happy to be bidding farewell to 2023. It’s been a year with lots of happy times, but I also struggled a lot with my mental health and in a lot of ways I feel burned out and spread too thin after what felt like a manic year playing catchup after the pandemic. I’m ready to reset and I dearly love a fresh start, so I’m going into 2024 determined to make this new year my comeback year.

Tonight’s celebration will be a little different, as the friends we normally get together with for NYE are sick with Covid. But I’m excited to spend the evening with Bill and our kitties. We’ll play some games, sip champagne at midnight, and kick off a new year that I’m determined to fill with happiness.

I guess making New Year’s Resolutions is considered cheesy now but I don’t really care. I like making a list of goals for myself, and I know I likely won’t achieve all of them but if I do accomplish some of them I’ll be happier and healthier by this time next year. And so with that little disclaimer, here are my 2024 Resolutions.

Create monthly weight loss and fitness goals and stick to them. I’m going to write a blog post on the first day of each month, mapping out my health and fitness goals, and on the last day of each month I’ll post about how well I did. This extra weight I’ve gained has got to GO and I’m making that my main focus in 2024.

Write in my gratitude journal daily. I fell out of my journaling habit this year and I want to bring it back. Spending time reflecting on all I have has always been a good way to remind myself how wonderful my life is.

Read 25 books. I missed my Goodreads goal in 2023 and I want to get back to reading more in the new year. 25 may not seem like a lot but my main focus is to spend more time reading and less time scrolling social media.

Create a weekly cleaning and organizing schedule and stick to it. I feel happier when I’m in a clean and organized space, but I typically don’t want to spend over an hour tackling all of the housework at once. But, I can pick one or two rooms per day to clean, so that it’ll become part of my routine and our home will stay cleaner. I also want to address our messy closets, cabinets, and drawers, and get things organized. I’m thinking I’ll also mix in one deep cleaning project every other week or so, such as cleaning out the refrigerator, pulling out the stove and cleaning behind it, deep cleaning the dishwasher, and various projects like that.

Set monthly goals for becoming more financially savvy. At nearly 40, I feel like I’m behind on financial literacy and money still stresses me out. I want to get better at budgeting, and learn more about investing.

Tomorrow I’ll write my post with my goals for myself for January. For today, I’m going to have some coffee and get ready to ring in the New Year with my amazing husband and my sweet kitties by my side.

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