Resolutions for 2023

I am absolutely blown away by how fast 2022 went by. Overall, it was a good year, but I dearly love a fresh start so I’m happy to be bidding it farewell.

I want to make 2023 a year to work on getting back to my best self. I’ll be turning 39 this year – it’s hard to believe I’m almost out of my 30’s! – and I want to set myself up for health and happiness as I approach the next decade of my life. My resolutions for this year are all in the theme of focusing on my mental, physical, and financial health.

Write in my gratitude journal daily. Years ago I got into the habit of keeping a journal to jot down things I’m grateful for. I’ve fallen out of the habit but I’d like to get back to it in 2023. I think it really helps me keep a positive mindset!

Read 30 books. I’ve gotten back into reading as a hobby and I love it. I think having this as a goal will help me reach for a book instead of mindlessly scrolling social media when I have free time.

Average 7,500 steps for the year. I want to prioritize walking in 2023. I even bought myself a walking pad for days when it’s too dark or rainy out for walking.

Lose 25lbs. I’m beginning 2023 at the heaviest weight I’ve ever been in my life. I accept that I’ll never have my 29-year-old body again, but I also don’t feel great at this size and I want to get healthier physically. Cleaning up my eating habits will make me feel a lot better.

Add $5,000 to my personal savings. I had some unexpected expenses in 2022 that really ate into my emergency fund and I want to replenish it.

Write monthly goals for myself. I think that one of the key ways to achieve my 2023 resolutions will be to create monthly goals to keep myself on track. It’s easier to achieve things when I make myself a road map!

Happy 2023!

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