Nutrisystem Week One

My first week on the Nutrisystem diet flew by and I lost 2.8lbs. I’m thrilled with that number and I haven’t felt a moment of doubt that starting this plan was a positive thing for me.

I’ve never done one of these “buy the food” plans before and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Would I like the food? Would I be starving all the time? Happily, I find the food to be tasty (with the exception of the butter popcorn – I am not a fan of it and won’t get that again), and although I do notice that I’m hungry I was fully expecting that to happen with throwing myself into a calorie deficit.

There are stricter ways to adhere to this diet, but since my whole goal was to reduce portion sizes in a way that’s easier for me I’m sort of making up my own guidelines. When I started last week, I set a daily calorie goal and I’ve been sticking to it pretty religiously. In addition to my Nutrisystem three meals and snack every day, I also have a Premier Protein shake, a Greek yogurt, and an apple if I’m extra-hungry. I’ve also been having a piece or two of Dove chocolate if I have enough calories leftover. To me, this feels like a sustainable way of eating while I’m working to lose weight.

I’m so, so happy I took this step for myself. I’m looking forward to another great week!

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