Nutrisystem Week Two

Week two was another great week for me! I lost an additional 1.5 pounds, putting me at a total of 4.3 pounds lost so far.

I’m noticing an increase in my energy levels and I’ve been feeling more optimistic and excited about things. And now that I’m seeing results, I feel confident in this plan and I’m so happy I decided to do this.

This week I had three off-plan meals: a work lunch with my team, and two dinners out with Bill. I don’t want to be so rigid with my diet that I never enjoy a fun meal out, and each time I just hopped right back on plan for the next meal. It was encouraging to see that I can still lose weight, even with a few splurges.

Nutrisystem Week One

My first week on the Nutrisystem diet flew by and I lost 2.8lbs. I’m thrilled with that number and I haven’t felt a moment of doubt that starting this plan was a positive thing for me.

I’ve never done one of these “buy the food” plans before and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Would I like the food? Would I be starving all the time? Happily, I find the food to be tasty (with the exception of the butter popcorn – I am not a fan of it and won’t get that again), and although I do notice that I’m hungry I was fully expecting that to happen with throwing myself into a calorie deficit.

There are stricter ways to adhere to this diet, but since my whole goal was to reduce portion sizes in a way that’s easier for me I’m sort of making up my own guidelines. When I started last week, I set a daily calorie goal and I’ve been sticking to it pretty religiously. In addition to my Nutrisystem three meals and snack every day, I also have a Premier Protein shake, a Greek yogurt, and an apple if I’m extra-hungry. I’ve also been having a piece or two of Dove chocolate if I have enough calories leftover. To me, this feels like a sustainable way of eating while I’m working to lose weight.

I’m so, so happy I took this step for myself. I’m looking forward to another great week!

The Road Map

Since writing my last post where I recognized I would need determination to make lifestyle changes, I definitely haven’t found that determination. Calorie counting has always worked for me in the past, but this time it hasn’t helped…I log my food, but doing that hasn’t deterred me from over-eating.

A major issue I’m struggling with is portion sizes. I’ve gotten so used to eating more that I’m eating way too much even when I’m making healthy food choices. Ultimately, I decided I need more than just determination. I need a road map for success. A plan that would help me adjust to smaller portions without taking a ton of additional time and prep.

I started reading about different “buy the food” diet plans, thinking that it would be a good way to adjust to smaller portions and give me the road map I wanted. I read different food reviews and decided on Nutrisystem. I know people who have used it successfully and my plan is to follow it for a few months until I adjust to eating less food at mealtimes. Once I’m used to that, I can transition back to preparing my own meals.

Today is my first day on Nutrisystem and I’m excited to see my results!