Goals for August

It’s a new month, and anyone who has been reading my blog over the last few years knows that I dearly love any sort of fresh start that comes with the beginning of something. I like the idea of using the first day of a new month to begin making changes to my lifestyle that will hopefully lead to a healthier and happier me!

I’ve been on a variety of diets in my adult life and none of them worked. In fact, most of them left me feeling deprived and I ultimately gained back more than I’d lost. Society’s mentality around diet culture is thankfully shifting, and more and more people are rejecting the idea that it’s a good thing to follow a strict plan for weight loss. But, I think it’s possible to reject diet culture while also wanting to lose weight for health reasons, and I believe that the way to accomplish that is through making only changes that I’m willing to live with forever – you know, basically the definition of a lifestyle change.

I decided I needed to make some tangible monthly goals for August so that I’d have a solid plan for beginning to make the changes to my lifestyle that I ultimately want to become habits. I do best when I’m following some sort of plan that gives me guidelines to follow, and I figure that this is no exception.

These are the goals I’m setting for myself for the month, but everyone is different and I want to emphasize that what I’m hoping may work for me may not work at all for anyone else. I’m not a trainer and I’m not a nutritionist, so I’m designing these goals around what I think wll be workable for me and my body. With that, here are my goals for August!

Eat an average of 1,450 calories per day. I analyzed my LoseIt data from 2012-2013, the time in my life when I was maintaining a weight that I felt good at, just to get an idea of a baseline goal for calories. On average I was usually eating around 1,350-1,550 calories per day, so I picked a number right in the middle to start with. I’ve been eating significantly more than that, so I fully expect that I’m going to feel hungry as I adjust to smaller portion sizes. But, no foods will be off-limits, they just have to fit into my calorie budget. And I purposefully set the goal to be an average number of calories per day for the month, because I know there will be some days when I can stay under the goal and there will also be days when I go over it. Flexibility will be a key factor to achieving this goal and I’m trying to set myself up for success.

Average 10,000 steps per day. I’ve been hitting this goal over the last couple of months, so I think it’s a good one to motivate me to keep walking. August is typically the warmest month in Seattle, and we’ve been enduring a heat wave for the last week that would make it easy to find excuses not to get my steps in. But movement is very important, so I want to set this goal to help me prioritize it this month.

“No Amazon August”. This is more of a financial health goal than a physical one. I’ve decided to take a month-long break from buying things on Amazon, choosing instead to shop in-person or directly from store websites. I’m hoping that this will help me to be more intentional about what I’m buying, and honestly Amazon doesn’t always have the best prices for items I’m buying and I might actually end up getting the same product for a lower price!