Weigh-In Wednesday: Week 8

It’s officially summer! There is decidedly warmer weather in the forecast and I’m excited to be able to spend more time outside after an unseasonably cool and rainy spring.

I had a string of days over the last week where I went pretty far over my calories, and it definitely showed in today’s weigh-in. Today I’m at 155lb; up 0.8lb from last week. Of course I could wish for better, but I know I was a little off the rails so I’m actually relieved that I didn’t gain more. But the last few days have been better and hopefully I can keep making healthy decisions!

I’ve been paying more attention to portions lately and trying to weigh food more and make a point of eating smaller amounts. It’s pretty hard, because I’m having to get used to feeling hungry, but I know my calorie intake is still at a reasonable range and I’d rather focus on portion sizes than eliminate categories of food. Hopefully it’ll start paying off!

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