Weigh-In Wednesday: Week 7

Bill and I are home after spending a week in Arizona, and it’s good to be back! We really enjoyed our trip. My mom is recovering amazingly well from her heart attack and we were able to spend time visiting with her and my dad, as well as helping them prepare for their upcoming move to California. Now that their house is sold, they can focus their efforts on finding a great new place in SoCal!

I wasn’t sure how my weigh-in was going to go after taking two weeks off from the gym (one week of quarantining, followed by a week in Arizona). I had initially planned on working out each morning at the hotel gym, only to find once we arrived that the “gym” actually consisted of one treadmill, an elliptical machine, and a water fountain. I had brought along light weights and kept up with the Tunde Arm Challenge in our room, but other than that I didn’t work out at all.

I may not have been exercising, but I took extra care to count calories and stick to my daily goal. Clearly it was what I needed to do, because I weighed in today at 154.2 – four pounds down from when I began seven weeks ago! Of course I wish I were dropping weight more quickly, but realistically I didn’t do a great job of staying consistent with my nutrition in May and I know that hindered my progress.

So far I’m doing a great job of sticking to my June goals. I’m still doing the Tunde Arm Challenge consistently, my daily calories are at an average of 1,468 per day, and I’ve averaged 9,155 steps per day. And though I did try to make healthy choices last week, having oatmeal for breakfast and sticking to my usual lunch of an apple with peanut butter and a protein shake, I also had things like pizza, fast food tacos, and ice cream. For me, what seems to matter the most is being consistent with my calorie budget, no matter what foods I choose to “spend” that budget on. And although cravings may never leave me, thankfully they have gotten less severe!

Overall I’m really pleased with my progress over the last two weeks. Hopefully by next week I’ll reach the milestone of five pounds down!

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