Weigh-In Wednesday: Week 5 (and Goals for June)

I can’t believe it’s already June! I’m so excited to have the fresh start of a new month and to get back on track with weight loss. I also tested negative for Covid again this morning which makes me VERY happy and relieved.

I knew my weigh-in today wasn’t going to be great after all the stress eating I’ve been doing. I stepped on the scale and there were no surprises: I weighed in at 157.2, which is a gain from last week but still a pound down from where I was five weeks ago when I started this series. So, with all things considered I’m going to take that as a win, put May behind me, and just focus on improving myself in June. My plan is to keep up the good habits I established in May, and build on them with more healthy changes.

Average of 1,550 calories per day. I’m giving myself a little bump in the amount of average calories this month in hopes that I’ll actually achieve it. Nutrition remains my biggest hurdle so this is my biggest area to focus on in June.

Average 9,000 steps per day. I hit this number in May so I’m increasing my step goal for June.

Hold a one-minute plank every day. Hopefully I’ll be better about remembering to do this in June!

Continue the Tunde Arm Challenge. I’m beginning Week 8 of the challenge and while it’s definitely not getting any easier, I feel like my arms are starting to look more toned!

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