Recapping my May Goals

Today I should have been flying to Arizona to visit my mom and dad, but instead I found out yesterday that I was exposed to Covid and have had to delay the trip. I’m beyond heartbroken and I alternated between sobbing hysterically and pulling myself together long enough to change flight and hotel reservations. By the time everything was handled, I didn’t have any willpower left and I sought comfort in some cheeseburgers from McDonald’s and a wedge of grocery store cake while I watched tv that I’ve seen many times before.

Even though I’m being cautious and not taking a risk by traveling now, I seriously doubt I’ll end up getting sick. The exposure happened on Friday night, and the majority of the time I spent with the friend who unknowingly exposed me was outdoors. Still, it’s for the best to wait it out.

I’ve rebooked the trip for next week, and am committed to quarantining until Bill and I leave for the airport. That means we aren’t going anywhere, including the gym. Thankfully we got used to working out at home in 2020 when Covid first hit, so I’ll be able to keep up with my exercise.

May didn’t go at all how I planned and I’m ending the month averaging 1,680 calories per day. I’m disappointed in myself for that, but I did much better with my exercise goals. I’ve completed Week 7 of the Tunde Arm Challenge and will launch into Week 8 in June, and I averaged 9,786 steps per day. The daily plank has been going a bit better since I moved the reminder notification to 9am.

June is going to come with its own challenges, like being away from my beloved gym classes for two whole weeks, but I’m going to set some new monthly goals and work hard to achieve them.

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