Weigh-In Wednesday – Week 4

There wasn’t much change on the scale this week – I weighed in at 156.5 which is up 0.2lb from last week. But, I’m giving myself some grace because it was a HARD week and I’ve been feeling incredibly anxious and emotional since my mom’s heart attack on Sunday. I also spent the weekend in Portland with Bill and my friend Jamie, so I was eating more than normal even before Mom got sick.

Right now, my calories per day are at an average of 1,621. There’s still a potential for me to get that number below 1,600 for the month if I really pay attention to my eating over the next week. And, now that my mom has had a heart attack, I’m even more motivated to adopt a heart-healthy diet and get my weight to a more reasonable number. Yes, my reasons for wanting to lose weight are partially rooted in vanity. But I also want to be healthy and live a long life. I’m in my thirties now and I need to establish a healthy lifestyle NOW to support myself as I get older.

I still haven’t figured out the perfect formula for remembering to do my daily plank, so that is definitely something I need to work on. But I am still ahead of my step goal, and I’ve kept my gym and Tunde Arm Challenge goals!

Next week I’m heading to Arizona to visit my parents, but I booked a hotel that does have a gym and my plan is to wake up each morning and work out first thing. I can still accomplish my goal of going to the gym at least five times per week, it’ll just be a different gym than I had in mind when I set the goal.

May definitely didn’t go the way I planned, but I’m determined to finish strong.

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