Resolutions for 2022

This morning I woke up to a beautiful morning with sunshine in the sky and snow on the ground. It’s been a frigid week in Washington and I love waking up in gratitude for my cozy warm bed and plenty of snuggles with Bill, Saturday, and Ernie.

It feels like just the right sort of day for a fresh start, which of course I love! No matter what this year throws at me, I want to make it a time of self-improvement and I have some goals to reach!

Write in my gratitude journal daily. I did this in 2021 and I love the effect it’s had on me. My mind now searches out things to enjoy and be grateful for. Even little things like the smell of the bathroom when I light candles and take a bath with fragrant bubbles make me so happy and training my brain to notice these things has been really good for me.

Read at least 30 books. I set a goal last year of reading an average of two books per month and it got me back into reading. I don’t want to lose that! So I’m going to up my goal slightly this year to push myself to keep reading.

Work on my relationship with myself. This will be a little harder to tangibly accomplish but I’m going to try my best to really figure out why I’m so negative towards myself and to approach myself with kindness and curiosity, not with criticism.

Improve my nutrition and lose 25lbs. I’m excited to keep working with Trisha, my nutritionist, and to build good habits while also exploring my relationship with food and my body. I think this work will ultimately help me with my overall self-esteem too! And I really do want to lose weight because I’ll be both happier and healthier if I do.

Put at least $5,000 into my personal savings. In addition to our joint savings, my 401k and IRA accounts, I also have a personal savings account and I want to grow it. I think having a dollar amount as a goal will help me commit to saving!

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